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January 18-24, 2016 The Sun moves into future seeking Aquarius. Sweet Venus moves to success seeking Capricorn. The Moon will be full in charismatic Leo connecting you with your royal legacy, your inherent worth. Take time step up your game. Step out of the shadows and show them your stuff.

This is the last week of Mercury retrograde. Mercury seems to be having a blast with the tricky mix ups in communication. If you show up a day early for something count yourself lucky, it’s better than a day late. But that’s possible too right now. So make a list and check it twice. And be patient.

Stable Capricorn is coloring Mercury now- This gives us an eye for quality. Solid ideas or people from your past might make an appearance so you can sort something out, complete something that needs completing or begin again what you put aside.  Align yourself with those who have your best interest at heart.

The sun enters quirky freedom seeking Aquarius on Wednesday.  Aquarius is a natural individualist, and hopes everyone else is too. Being totally you will pay the biggest dividends in groups.  We each have something to offer- go ahead and contribute- the world needs your perspective. The energy is supportive of “to each his own.”  Take advantage of it.

Friday Mercury will fuse with Pluto in Capricorn.  Be ready to capture what comes up from the depths today.  Your mind will be clear and open to knowing what you never thought you wanted to know. Capricorn has to do with lineage and legacy.  What ideas come to you today? Write them down or otherwise record them. Insight leads to transformation. And Pluto is all about transformation.

Just before the Full moon in Leo Venus will slide into long term planner Capricorn.  This Venus is looking for quality, for commitment, for buckets of money.  Money is a great platform, why not have some. Heck, have a lot.  Capricorn knows that money is power. Order some up.

The Moon will be exactly full in Leo at 5:30 Pm PST on January 23, 2016. Leo is lovely, fun, warm, and encouraging. Romance and poetic bits of heartfelt expression are waiting to be released. If you have an idea or an urge to put yourself out there, now is the time to step into position. Declare your undying love: being soft and gooey is great for long-term love.

Leo is great at getting you in touch with the truth in your heart. – follow that truth.

Creativity is so so supported now. Let your soul be free. Paint, dance, color, sing, dress-up, clown around, play, love, and shine. Yes, Shine! It’s what you are here to do.

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