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heart chakraFebruary 10-16, 2014 we have a full moon in Leo-Think high drama.  Exciting.  Or too much.  It depends on your perspective. Prepare to get clear about what you are willing to give and what you are expecting to get.  Your unique flavor is necessary to fulfill your potential. What you offer up benefits us all. Even if energetically.

The energy is crackling this week with the Full moon in Leo on Valentines Day.  The same day we have Saturn, Mr.responsible, squaring the Moon the Sun and Mercury. So though you might want to make a passionate plea-declare undying love or convince someone of something- Saturn is exerting some pressure, perhaps helping you to reign it in a little, be more realistic. When energies square each other tremendous growth is possible.

Perhaps you are being called to step it up in a relationship- You need to be honest and open to get to the next level. Saturn can help you organize your some what dramatic self-involved take on things. Giving you enough self-conscious awareness to stop you from totally humiliating yourself.  Saturn can be such a bore to sunny Leo- But all play and no work will not do in this reality.  We are reaching for balance. Reaching for peace.

The Sun is travelling through individualistic Aquarius opposing this full moon in Leo.  Leo is often more concerned with shining it’s light- while Aquarius is often interested in the shine of others. Aquarius is concerned with the greater good of the whole-Leo is here to be a star; to share their unique selves with the world. This is the energy that we are in some way being presented with.

With an Aquarius Mercury fused with the Sun on this full moon day we should expect the unexpected in relation to all things communication related.  Exposure of some kind could be created with this mix of energy.  Be ready blurt out your truth when it’s ready to come. You might be shocked. We are in exciting times of creative, radical change.

The full moon illuminates-shining light where we need to see.  Stay well fed and hydrated, because you need to take care of your precious body. Know what you are going to wear ahead of time to ease stress levels. Be ready to pounce. Your reflexes are sharp during this full moon, sharp and instinctual. Lay the groundwork now and reap the rewards of staying the course. Visualize intended outcomes.  Your emotional energy is powerfully creative during this dramatic full moon-Direct it towards opening your heart and singing your song. Life supports your every effort-you are Loved!


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