Hillory Skott

Hello Dear You!

This is a wonderful week with much possibility. It will be wonderfully easy to see the bright side of life right now.  Life gets great when you are coming from a positive perspective.

For details on this weeks planetary placements please do read below-


November 26- December 2, 2013  Romantic Venus connects with communicator Mercury producing just the words you want to hear. Declartations of Love and loyalty are coming out of the woodwork– Yay Love!  Smart Saturn is fusing energy with witty Mercury-A deeper understanding of complex topics are possible now. Studing plans and paperwork could prove lucrative now and in the future.

Monday Mercury is right on top of Saturn Fusing energies in a helpful way.  Mercury is curious, but not always thorough, a jack of all trade and master of none sort of energy, but with Saturn offering his perseverance and wisdom to the mix you can be more careful with the details. Draw up plans. Talk about serious things.  Property and management are up for discussion. The not so dandy side of Saturn is that you might get morbid. Pondering the sad stuff of life.  Death and disease might occupy your mental space.  We all gotta go one day. It is healthy for us to contemplate these topics- to process the not so bright side of reality.

Wednesday there is a Trine between relationship seeking Venus and Clever Mercury.  Expect declarations of Love. Its like a dream come true- the words you’ve been waiting to hear your whole life- even if you didnt know you were waiting to hear them. This is a wonderful energetic combination that is nothing less than a blessing.

Thursday, the very next day Jupiter is in connection with Mercury and Venus adding an over the top-ness to this whole scenario. Life is feeling pretty fantastic. Lucky opportunities could very well fall in your lap.  Try not to eat too many bonbons or give your landlord notice. You may have found love or  great new connections, but be cautious with risky behavior- Jupiter has a tendency to exaggerate.  It can be an optimistic embellisher of hoped for outcomes rather than a see it like it is energy. Thats the good and the bad of it.  Enjoyyour head in the clouds just keep your feet on the Earth.

This weekend is going to be exciting. The Sun is in a fortunate trine with rebel genius Uranus.  There is an electric itch in our collective psyche-we want change, fast formidable all encompassing change. Nothing less will do. This energy will grant you the will to change-the courage to make a move, and the wisdom to risk it all.  Life is meant to be lived and that requires us to get inspired to take new roads.  It’s time to begin even though we have no idea what the outcome will be.  Uranus is the impulse that calls you to be you- The world needs you to be all you can be so we can all be who we are. Watch in wonder as we all step into place as the greatest version of ourselves. Namaste!

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