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September 7th, 2016
Jupiter enters Libra

September 5-11,2016 Generous Jupiter is moving into Libra, expansive connections are due to appear for the next year. Like Magic! The final of three contacts between stable Saturn and shifting Neptune occur on the tenth- Lucky for all of us, now we can start to see things clearly again. What a relief that will be.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, philosophy, higher consciousness, beliefs, higher sorts of education, teaching, publishing, foreign connections, and travel.  Jupiter is a confidant know-it-all kind of energy.  This is a blessing and a curse, as it can end up overestimating it’s own abilities and falling flat on it’s face.  Risk taking in general can lead to trouble. Yet it’s the very trait that keeps us moving in a life enhancing way. Jupiter grows.

Jupiter is finally moving out of the myriad details or anxieties it was forced to deal with in Virgo and into breath of fresh air Libra on September 9th, 2016. Libra is peace seeking, luxury loving, gracious.  Charm and tact are natural to most Libras.  With Jupiter here we could meet the ideal mate, we could connect with the perfect business partners, we could find support we never knew we needed. We can be the one someone is looking for and find the one we are looking for.

Money might drop in your lap. Libra loves beauty and money can really add some beauty to the world if used correctly. Being drawn to wealth is natural  for Libra.  Why not put that on your list: Abundance!  Cornucopia! Double rainbows!  ask and you shall receive. Open your arms and put yourself out there.

The Neptune Saturn square will make it’s final hit on Saturday.  What has dissolved in your life in the last year or so?  What is forming in your world now?  It’s not unlikely that we will realize we were on the wrong track. If you find yourself waking suddenly (disillusionment) to realize you were headed the wrong way for a minute there, be grateful.  It’s kind of painful to have to see your were wrong, but no one wants to keep heading in the wrong direction- Life is short, keep it moving.

I think in my younger, less adulty years, I would have soldiered on and ignored my intuition about our new puppy not being a match for our family.However, now in my life, I am more aware of how much energy everything requires. Though I was under the spell of how great a puppy would be in our lives, I was starkly reminded of what my priorities are right now (Saturn), by getting the puppy.

Eclipse season is for course corrections- A change, to begin or end something important. My course correction is saying no to the next 15-20 years with someone who is not a match. My Hubby, bless his great big heart, sees what I mean about the terrier energy not being a match with our current life circumstances. I left it up to him, he has made a ton of concessions for me in our 18 year relationship, I was willing to do it for him wholeheartedly.

Luckily, for everyone I think, I don’t have to bring a brick, the puppy, and a pillow case down to the river to solve this problem I jumped both feet first into. My fabulous Mother-in-law loves him and without hesitation said she wanted him if we didn’t.  What a huge blessing. She owns a beautiful campground resort on the sunshine coast.

West’s resort is the perfect place for any dog and a wonderland for a terrier.  There is complete freedom and someone there with him always. And he gets to winter in warm climates too.  His life will be pretty ideal with snuggles in bed at night and warm fires when its chilly. There is ocean and forest and grass for him to be his true and total terrier self. He even had a new terrier brother.  We all lucked out in this situation I think. I am grateful the decision is leading to good things for everyone and it’s really not a sad story at all. We were just the road he took to get where he was going. And boy did we all learn a lot.

After Saturday we should be seeing gradual improvement in our clarity.  We are still in Mercury retrograde during the Eclipse portal. A major time of course correction if you are off track but also beginnings and endings in general. With Mercury retrograde connecting to the nodes we are all at very Karmic intersections in our lives. Choose wisely.  With Virgo still in influence here we are gifted with the ability to see the details, poor over the fine print.  Avoid any signing of documents until after the 22nd when Mercury starts heading direct again.

We have much to look forward to with Jupiter’s new move and soon Pluto will be direct.  By the end of the Month we are going to be smooth sailing in right directions.  The pressure lifts and new roads come clear.  Many Blessings on your journey through the Eclipse portal.  May we come out on the other side clear and determined. Peaceful and certain, and, as always, surrounded in Love and Light. xoxo

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