Hillory Skott

May 10th, 2016
Jupiter Direct


9-15 May 2016 Rightly truthful Jupiter moves forward in ever vigilant Virgo. This is a noticeable shift for all of us. Jupiter had us looking over the areas of our life that need expansion since January. Now we know exactly where to focus. Hop on the wave of fantastically expansive energy.  You can sense the truth, follow the yellow brick road.

Virgo is a precise sign. One that notices the nuances in every situation. They are the ever helpful assistant, nurse, teacher, mother, seer of ways.  Virgo is imbued with the ability to find the flaw in every situation.  It is a handy tool in the quest for constant evolution. Virgos are seeking perfection.  

When you put that together with uber truthful Jupiter the ability to expand your life beyond all current boundaries is amplified.   Both Virgo and Jupiter say it like it is.  No beating around any bush now.  Get to the point.  What do you really want for your life now?Think Big!  Why not try for even bigger?  

A old dear friend reminded me to do what would be most self-loving,while I grappled for the truth in a difficult situation.  That really clarifies things.  Our whole life seems to express the relationship we have with ourselves.  If there were no shoulds, no obligations,  – What would you choose that is most loving to very dear you? Now choose that.  

This week has a joyously generous connection between Jupiter and peace seeking luxury loving Venus. There is a natural affinity for the finer things in life. Both Planets specialize in extravagance. Something grand could land in your lap. If you are urged to connect to someone do it.  You never know what wonderful new connections are waiting around the corner. If you are really choosing life you can’t help but answer the call to grow.

“Every blade of grass has an Angel beside it that whispers, ‘Grow, you can do it, grow.'”  If you are on track as I am sure you are.  You can hear the whispers to expand your sweet self, reach into the field of all possibilities with your feet on the ground in very practical earth signs. There is a practical rhythm to the magic on the planet right now. Dip into it.

This week take note of what’s coming up for you. The energy is thorough, serious and generous.  Much can be accomplished in every kind of way. Mercury is still in retrograde, still pointing out the past. Connecting with what you didn’t know you need to know.  Write realizations down so you can move swiftly through the lessons on your way to all your dreams fulfilled.  Enjoy the buoyant energy of the week- Lift up up up.

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