Hillory Skott

January 28th, 2014
Happy New year of the Horse!


horse-heart-kimbustionJanuary 27-February 2, 2014 This is a magically active week of liberating change. The Chinese New Year of the Horse on the New Moon in future focused Aquarius is part of this powerful, uplifting wave of energy. Freedom seeking Jupiter is opposing Venus and Pluto square limitless Uranus: this is a potent combination squeezing us through, pushing us to untangle ourselves from anything that was imposed upon us. We are each engaged in the climb to be who we are. Feeling our way through Darkness, pulled towards all that is honest, true, joyful and free: The Light.

Monday and Tuesday PST the Capricorn moon is busy making many aspects to other planets-You are supported in getting those plans sorted out. Wrap up loose ends and prepare to launch yourself with this week’s new Moon in Aquarius-The Beginning of the year of the horse. You can get a truckload of things done now. Little niggly things that secretly sap your energy because they have been on your to do list for too long. You have the ability to envision probable realities and fantastic future paths. You can see clearly what dead weight you need to lop off. This is very future focused-you are required to lay down the past to claim your rightful future.

The year of the Horse is buoyant and brave. Energy is abundant and action is fast. You need to act quickly, but not impulsively. A tricky balance of innovation and forethought will bring the best results. The old quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” really rings true this year of the horse. More fun can be had- Joy is a priority. Adventures await. Being you is imperative, nothing can corral your spirit this year. Independence and freedom to travel will be deeply fulfilling. You can handle working on many different projects. If you are an ideas person this year could be a huge boon-finally materializing many of your ideals.

Friday is another meaningful day energetically- Clever Mercury is moving from visionary Aquarius into spiritual Pisces for a week and then starts its retrograde phase. We can connect well with other worlds and spirit guides. Flashes of intuition and connections from past lives are all more conscious with Mercury in Pisces. As the Mercury energy is backing up into Aquarius we can see how to correct course if need be. We can reformulate plans and add to what we know.

Venus moves direct on Friday. This is good news. We should have a pretty clear idea of what is of value in our lives after January. Most of us ha

ve had to let go of situations and relationships that are no longer beneficial to us. Now we can move ahead unhindered- Have you cleared the way? Called back your Soul? Pluto and Jupiter are in an opposition that supports our evolution. With Uranus in the mix you can’t help but negotiate new moves to better places. No time to get down because you’re moving up. Remember, it’s best to initiate change now. Change that can benefit others as well as yourself. If you dig your heels in and try to maintain sameness life will pry it from your hands. Ride this exhilarating wave of change and you will arrive where you have always longed to be. Godspeed.

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