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gratitudeDecember 2-8 2013 starts with a radically honest New Moon in Sagittarius.Get ready to see it like it is, to say it like it is, and to hear it like it is too.  The truth is coming at us. This New Moon is deeply freeing in nature, let the truth set you free- however hard to accept it might be. Mercury moves  into Sagittarius this week as well- helping us have a more optimistic perspective. The week ends with Mars shifting into Peace Loving

Libra. We are shifting to big picture thinking- Leaving behind the intense energy of fear facing Scorpio. Every month we get to clarify our intentions and begin again in the direction of our true hearts desire. With the Moon and Sun sharing space in Sagittarius we have a chance at some very uplifting understandings.  We can also run into massive exaggerations and arrogant self-righteousness. It’s a fine line.  Be careful not to put your foot in your mouth. Its tricky to be polite when you are suddenly seized with the courage to speak your truth.  Try anyway.  I have lost me a fair few relationships because of my Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius need to always express the truth from my perspective. I do believe that the people meant to b

e in my life appreciate that trait. Needless to say, even through all the bad reactions to my declarations, I still firmly believe that honesty is the best policy. The truth has always set me free from one oppressive situation or another. “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha


This new moon calls forth the grand philosophical parts of your human nature. To make the most of this time it is great to have a serious look at the big picture. Forget about the details and allow Jupiter, benevolent ruler of Sagittarius, to share some vision with you.  Open to new ideas- Begin a journey to fulfill the promises you made to your inner child. What dreams can you set off in the direction of? Choose a target and aim. Write your goals down to help envision your future. Think big picture-think big!  The energy of this New Moon will grant you effortless optimism.

Wednesday Mercury moves into Sagittarius as well.  Phew. I don’t know about you but I have been riveted by the morbid topic of death during all the Scorpio energy lately.  I only have peripheral connections to it- but it’s disturbing to me.  I am sort of terrified by the sudden unexpected nature of some deaths- Or the long slow unfair painful nature of others. It feels hard and scary and sad as hell to think of losing or being lost to this mystery we will all one day experience- Scorpio likes us to get real with this- so I have been.

But praise be to jolly generous certain of lucky outcomes Jupiter for taking the reins this week- I am ready for the living part of life. We all are. Be noble and high minded, enthusiastic and full of thanks. Gratitude will align you with all the good stuff in life. Find out how lucky you are:shoot for the Moon and aim for the stars!


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