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sacred geometry connects with our subconsious minds

sacred geometry connects with our subconsious minds

December 23-29 2013 is an active week of rebellion and revelation. Expect uncanny moments of pure magic and mystery. We have just entered the winter Solstice here on the northern hemisphere- for the next three months introspection will serve you well- you can emerge in the spring with fresh new perspectives and entirely new life paths available- if you should so intend.

Harmony seeking Venus is back tracking now until the end of January- This retrograde motion allows us to review and reaffirm what we are choosing in the realm of values and money. With Venus in enterprising Capricorn we will have a much more realistic understanding what it takes to create a stable, lucrative financial base for ourselves. Take seriously any new understandings you have in these areas of your life. What you value may become much more practical than you are used too. Capricorn energy is good at handling the material plan. Stablity is a wonderful place to grow from.

Tuesday, Mercury ruler of our communications and thinking styles switches position. Going from Expansive Sagittarius to Stern Capricorn. Your thoughts may change from adventurous, honest, and brave, to cautious, withholding and fearful. Fear not, Capricorn has our back. This mercury in Capricorn energy allows us to dig in and get serious. Suddenly we have more focus and discipline. All the loose ends get tied up. You will be an efficient, practical, productive human. Resisting the urge to be practical and productive could bring out the opposite side of the energy making you feel fearful and depressive.

Later on the 24th PST, we have a selfless sextile between the serious Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun and sensitive Pisces in Neptune. Our ego is suddenly softened by this connection. We feel deeply when Pisces ruler Neptune is influencing us. Saturn takes life seriously. We can connect on very deep and meaningful levels now. This is a lovely sweet special energy for Christmas eve.

Christmas day has a challenging aspect. Warrior mars is opposing radical Uranus. There is a push pull scenario going on with these too energies which could create sudden unexpected events. Accidents happen when these energies collide- But generally, if you are following all your evolutionary nudges this energy serves to liberate you from constricting situations. You may be selfish and rude and rebellious. I suspect there may be some spectacular family blowouts at this time. Caution is required this Christmas day. Don’t do dangerous things. Be very aware of all your movements-watch that you don’t burn yourself somehow. Be the observer and move in the direction of freedom and peace.

As we approach the end of the year it’s time to release and let go. Assess your life honestly- What should stay? What needs to go? If you don’t like the story you’ve created, change it. We are creative beings- You can change the direction of your life with a shift in perspective. Every thought is reflected back to us in the situations in our lives. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Gratitude is the right attitude. Harness the power of your mind and intend an abundant peace filled life for one and all. May this be a Happy Holiday season surrounded by all that you Love! Peace be with you!

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