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December 29th, 2014
Happy fabulous new year!


Lindsey LeavellDecember 29-January 4, 2015 holds much dynamic energy to usher us into a new calendar year. The full moon in emotionally protective Cancer opposes the isolating Capricorn Sun on January 4th. You will feel clear about what you need to truly support and nurture yourself. Stay close to home and watch the night sky for answers.

Fiery Mars will oppose risk loving Jupiter which could result in bad Judgment on the second. Feel the fun of big thinking Jupiter and energetic Mars but don’t make long-term commitments you can’t keep. Venus is softening the edge on this energy and Saturn is keeping it all very serious. Saturn is great at serious. Even when you should be laughing Saturn likes to point out how serious things are. Saturn is a lot like the news that way. Remember it will pass. And that laughter really is the best medicine.

Saturday the dutiful Capricorn Sun is in a tangle with edgy Uranus in way shower Aries. The same day Venus is moving into gratefully detached Aquarius. All that detachment will help you see deep into the reasons for things without getting overly emotional. It’s hard to do anything when you are emotionally raw, now you are getting some nice thick skin to move you through what you must to get to the other side of worn out obstacles. Your urge for freedom will be strong now.

Pluto Joins space with the Sun that same day adding intensity to things, an urgency to progress can be felt by us all. Climb that mountain. Its worth the effort. Life is worth the effort. All that you desire is waiting for the right moment to appear- roll with the punches, take a nap when your tired. Big change is rumbling in.

The Full Moon in Cancer ends the week- This is the first full moon of the year. Our needs are highlighted. look for these issues to come up:

dependency vs. Self-sufficiency

emotional indulgence vs. emotional control

nurture vs.discipline

personal life vs. professional life

Love and nurture yourself as best you can. We are each here to learn to be our own best parents- Now you can see what to do for yourself and others.

Be sure to keep notes in your journal. Writing down you monthly wishes is fun and wonderful way to gain confidence in your ability to bring good things into your life. May this be the very best year yet. Wishing you Love Abundance Wisdom and Clarity. May peace be with you in all ways.

*I will be back writing for you in February. In the meantime you can find much fabulous content on the great big internet. I personally like the details here as well as Susan millers monthly report. Oh and Barbara Goldsmith has wonderful energy and does a great little monthly video I am sure you will Love.

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