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March 31, April 6, 2014 There is still time to get your plans for the next year all laid out. Draw, paint, write, sing, get pretty planetsout the crayons, old magazines, scissors and a glue stick. We are still under the influence of Sundays New moon in Aries, the first and most potent new moon of the year. A little focus

 April first, April fools day! The Sun is in a tricky square to preachy Jupiter in controlling Cancer. An Aries Sun thinks “Me first!” but, Jupiter in Cancer is thinking about the family and the big picture. Feeling at odds between self and family may be an issue. Squares stress you to grow, but you only feel real relief when the aspect passes out of influence. Think energies with completely different world views and entirely divergent directions. Good luck. At the same time, maybe some big extravagant win fall occurs. Jupiter and the Sun together is a whole lot of energy connecting all in one place. Get grounded to stay in your power. Breath deeply from the Sun to charge yourself up. All this energy assures chan

ge is in the air.ed creative effort is the first step in bringin

g your dreams down to earth. With all this Aries energy you can get in touch with the youest you and bravely move in the direction of your deepest dreams.

Wednesday the Sun slides up beside rebel change maker Uranus. All this in impulsive mars ruled Aries. Expect the unexpected. A lovely trine between in mental mercury in sensitive Pisces and Stern Saturn in deep diving Scorpio. You will be capable of some really focused work, your emotions will support you in integrating what may be some fast-paced changing. Things may seem sudden, but you get it. You know when to jump. Unless you are heavy into some sort of escapism. Life has a way of moving us in the right directions. Uranus makes me nervous. The whole unexpectedness irritates my Capricorn Sun. I like it certain, stable, dependable. But Uranus is never really certain, always ready to bolt in a new direction. I should not be nervous though, it is this energy that liberates us when we have failed to liberate ourselves-Uranus has our back. Even if its methods are often shocking.

Thursday, PST, the Sun in fiery Aries is going to tangle with Pluto in structure building Capricorn. More divergent energy. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing out warn structures we have built into our lives. And, the Aries Sun is not so interested in the dull foundation. This could make for a pretty spectacular argument if the right people cross paths, or wrong people. You are going to learn about yourself, you can count on that. You could make a lot of progress in many areas this week. Channel any upsetting energy where it is needed most. Expect a break-through.Saturday Venus moves into shimmery Pisces. A lovely soft energy to help cushion any harshness you’ve had to deal with. Though Pisces can be a misleading energy, so be alert to any misrepresentations that might be going on. Even if they are just in your own head. “Nothing is as it seems,” is a good reminder. April is a powerful month with the grand cross in the last week. We are being pulled to change. Pushed to change. Time to hop into the future of your dreams-Drop the past like a hot potato-let nothing stop your progress and May the Force be with you.

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