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June 13-19 2016 Boundary blurring Neptune goes retrograde before sliding into a contradictory angle with boundary building Saturn. Do you build it up or tear it down? Be sure you are not building your castle on shifting sands.

Neptune has been in its hometown of Pisces since 2012, allowing it to get super comfortable being it’s true and total self in the world. Every year it back tracks for five or so months. Monday is the big day. This gives us a chance to see more clearly than we have been.  Neptune is master of illusions, ruler of addictive escapism. We humans have all kinds of ways of distracting ourselves from whatever we find unpleasant.  

Now that Neptune’s function is reversed we can see our blind spots. How have you been sabotaging your health, relationships, work, personal growth?  Now you can see, and no doubt you will be looking, thanks to a most difficult square between Saturn and Neptune which we have been under the influence of since last November. This will last until this coming September.

With foundation building Saturn in truth seeking Sagittarius squaring off with Neptune in super sensitive Pisces we are in a kind of conundrum. A part of us wants to fortify and another part of us is undermining that by dissolving something. It always depends on where it shows up in our charts. It could be any area of our lives.  A consult with an astrologer will point out where this is occurring. It is likely you can just observe your life to see the effects.

The square could help you dissolve old ways of doing things. Perhaps you picked up behaviours, or an attitude or belief that helped you at one point that is hindering you now.  Neptune can help you release your old ways.  Saturn is trying to help too, showing you where a foundation needs building.

Squares point out where we need to solve something- a resolution must be made.  We are being pushed into sorting it out. Which is better than sticking our heads in the sand if we want to achieve our full potential.

Venus Moves into Cancer this week on the 17th – how lovely. This is a committed energy. A home and family loving Venus.  This is a lucky time to couple up.  Venus has just left Gemini- where it was sampling all kinds of options. Now that it has moved into Cancer we want security, we want comfort, we want familiarity. A long term kind of dependable is what is most desirable now. Show how much you care.  It will be well worth it. What goes around comes around.

Next week we have the second Sagittarius full moon and the summer solstice on the same day. Use this week to think about what needs to go and what should stay and get ready to release your wishes to the Universe on the Solstice next week. Life is such a beautiful mystery when we remember to count our blessings, when we remember to notice the little things, often free, that support us along our journey. Happy trails.

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