Hillory Skott
May 22-28 2017- The Moon is New in clever Gemini – it’s time again to begin again. Conversations will be notable. Pluto brings up what’s hidden for resolution. Mars opposes Saturn. This is tricky territory – informative and productive, but tricky. Set clear intentions and be ready to talk it out. We can’t just coast along forever refusing to face the dark stuff. It has to be felt to be understood and then transformed. Squeeze the coal to create the diamond. The coal finds the pressure uncomfortable, but sure feels good about being a diamond on the other side of it all.
The Gemini New moon is on Thursday at 12:44 pm PST. Gemini is a pro at handling the information age. It is ruled by Mercury, ruler of communications. Our world of communication is moving at lightning speed. Gemini is fabulous at collecting and sharing information. It also has two sides. Often the dark and light side. The Devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Depth is not it’s speciality, but this new moon has a square between relationship seeking Venus in fiery Aries and Pluto who is insisting on metamorphosing. What needs to change in your relationships? Is it just a silly power struggle? Or more intriguing even: Is it a power struggle between different parts of yourself?
Pluto is here to be sure we don’t forget that there are certain things that must be dealt with. It raises up feels from the past, reminds you to remember why you might be sabotaging yourself now. Where did it all begin, your refusal to put yourself out there? What was it that happened to stop your progress? Pluto asks these kinds of questions. Gemini will be willing to talk about it now.
This week ends with a this or that struggle between Saturn: stern, stable, structured old Saturn, and Mars: fiery, self-motivated, impulsive, brave. They are both in fire signs so there is a powerful need to take action. If you can use both Mars’ urge to assert itself and Saturn’s ability to plan carefully, you can move forward with confidence. If you don’t move forward now Saturn might instead shower you with fun stuff, like regret, sorrow, hopelessness. When there is work to be done better to do it than ignore it. Responsibility is yours to take. If you own it then you can transform it. You are not a victim.
To tune into the New Moon on Thursday and make the most of it: Clear your mind, be still, and open your Heart to healing. In this place of stillness all things are created. Imagine you are walking through a doorway to your future. Once you walk through the doorway you cannot go back. Nothing from the past can affect you without your total awareness. What will you bring with you through the door? What dreams and ideas? What people and places? And what will you leave behind? What could you gladly cut yourself loose from? What negative thoughts do you choose to be without? What unhealthy fear can you let go of? What nasty addiction can you shake out?
Who will you be on the other side of this doorway? What is the best life you can imagine for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet? Now add the light. The wheels of creation are in motion. Bibity-bobity-boo the future is ours to choose. Namaste.
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