Hillory Skott

December 12-18,2016 brings a dynamic super full moon in jazzy Gemini- let your curiosity lead you to all the right kinds of fun. Enjoy yourself in a disciplined way- like force yourself to have fun if you have to. Now is not the time for beginnings. Endings, on the other hand, are favored. Mercury is about to go retrograde again, in serious Capricorn, near transformative Pluto. This is a chance to wrap things up so you can move forward unhindered.
Tuesday the moon will be full at 4:05 pm PST. The energy of this Mercury ruled Gemini moon is highly communicative. Get out and mingle, sample the samples and what not. There is a curious busyness to the energy now. You can access more energy than usual.
Saturn is anchoring you somehow with this full moon. Which is lucky because too much swirling air sign energy can be positively exhausting. You could find yourself unable to sleep due to racing thoughts when air, the thinking energy, gets out of hand.
So Saturn will be there anchoring us down to earth in generous Sadge. There will be purpose to what we do. Even if that purpose is to have some fun. All work and no fun just burns out the body. If you can disengage from the weight of the world for awhile you can replenish your supply of energy.
There is an innovative ability to expand your perspective in many directions. Now you can likely see what to release with the full moon and what you will be moving towards. Write down your ideals, your goals, your game-plan. As the full moon shrinks to new you get closer to your dreams come true. Saturn will help you focus and Jupiter will sprinkle some luck down on you. Uranus is in there too, giving you courage and the urge to be who you came to be and say what you need to say.
Next week Mercury will go retrograde and we can already feel the effects in the areas the Mercury activates in our own chart. Use your review skills. Look around for what you might need to redo in someway and be grateful you caught it when you did. Our Structures are being tested for weaknesses. Best to be honest while you go over things. Retrograde Mercury is not the time to by electronics or cars, anything to do with communications will be unclear in someway.
Do what you can this week to offload any responsibilities, get things in the mail and your presents wrapped early so you can enjoy this coming holiday season without stress. Remember you are the change the world needs to see. You set the tone and vibration for all you encounter. Be Light. Be Love.

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