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August 18-24, 2014 Is the last week of the year with the Sun in self-expressive Leo.  When the Sun Raven moon starshifts into detailed Virgo on the twenty-third we are ready to begin the work of organizing our reality. Mentel Mercury is challenged in dynamic ways: one minute you’re confused the next you are filled with clarity and certainty. Expect unusual bravery on the emotional front. Remember, what you feel you can heal it.

Just before midnight pst on Monday clever Mercury and dreamy Neptune oppose each other.  Mercury is travelling swiftly through analytical Virgo and will cross energetic pathways with astral aware Neptune.  Opposites attract for a reason and you can learn a lot by allowing space for the perfection seeking part of you and the inner artist who needs to just go with the flow. When energy opposes it can create conflict-what needs to be understood is that there is room for both ways. It is not either/or, butthis and that. So when the mood strikes: clean the closets, organize your paper work, learn Qigong, write your memoir, or in the very least a thorough to-do list. And, when the unproductive dreamy side of you pulls harder in this tug-of-war, don’t resist: listen to your favorite music, lay in the Sun, stare at the stars, write notes on napkins, be all-together non-linear, nap. Balance is the goal, but it might feel like a jarring teeter-totter ride. One minute you are balancing nicely the next, your buddy jumps off and you are slammed to the ground. Remember: This and that.

By Thursday you will be feeling rather insightful. And, emotionally courageous. Mercury will be in a supportive relationship with Depth loving Pluto.  Your thoughts will be drawn to emotionally deeper waters. You can get insight into how you might be sabotaging yourself.  Parts of you that are holding other parts back can be more easily seen and understood.  A wonderful visualization to integrate your various inner-selves is to call in the part of you that is stopping your progress and explain your intentions to move forward. Ask to understand why this part of you is resisting. Often somewhere along the line this self was protecting you in someway. Explain that you appreciate its efforts on your behalf and now you are ready for change. Ask for this aspect of yourself to help you attain your new dreams and aspirations. In your minds eye:How old is this part of you? Is it male or female? How does this aspect of you feel it is helping you? When did this portion of you come into being? Why? This is the sort of productive psychological work you can get up to while Mercury and Pluto work together.

Saturday the Sun Moves from festive Leo into serious business Virgo. This gives you a chance to recover from all that fun you may have been having. Leo likes to indulge and Virgo likes to repair.  The next month is great for new and healthy routines to keep you strong and healthy through the winter. It will also be a great time to get your abode in total order.  Clean windows, under beds and a sofa cushions, clear out the junk drawer and dig through the piles of stuff you store.  Get your affairs in order so you can settle in for the fall and reap the rewards of the seeds you planted in the spring. Prepare space in your world for the newness you wish for.

Also on Saturday, PST, Fiery Mars is connecting with Chiron- You will have a lot of energy to clean up your emotional loose ends. You can truly heal long standing ambiguities. Clarity cleanses energy. You might be seized with the need to tie up loose ends. Follow this instinct if it arises- It’s like calling back lost parts of your Soul. Luckily you will be feeling brave, confidant and happily self-assertive. If your intentions are to heal your words and actions will be divinely guided to do just that.
This last week of Leo is rather more heavy than Leo prefers- But perhaps you can add a little dramatic flare to the work you might be doing down in the depths.  Share your experience with a trusted friend, this could be the perfect way to lighten your load. Add humour and passion to your story allowing the Leo energy some fun processing all this psychological business. Be brave and productive this week. Think of all this progress as Fun to program in a healthy new attitude. Namaste.

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