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March 6-17 2016 Mars moves to Taurus.  Root those ideas in fertile ground. Slow down to watch what grows from your ideas. The week ends with full moon in healing Virgo.
Remember you need a mix of effort, patience, careful attention, and focus to get where we are going.  You have access to all that now.

Monday: Mercury joins the sun in Pisces, lighting up your mind with inspiring thoughts, mystical encounters and deep real compassion.  When the sun and Mercury share space purpose is clear- But in Pisces, where nothing is as it seems, clarity is a fuzzy concept.  Allow art to happen.  Clear space to lie still and stare at the stars.

Tuesday: This is an emotional day with the moon in Cancer making a ton of contacts. This can create for an up down up down kind of day.  By days end Pluto connects with Mercury to send in thoughts of why and how which should  provide you deep understanding– you can fall asleep knowing everything is as it should be.

Wednesday: Moon moves into Leo causing a flair for the dramatics- which things might just be with Mars Squaring the Moon.  You might feel all hands on hips foot stomping sure of yourself and what you deserve. Go with that. The Leo energy comes with an inherent selfworth.  Remember though to be sensitive to the needs of others.

Thursday: Mars moves from Firecracker Aries into a methodical Taurus.  This gives us all a nice long month of slow and steady. It’s a great time to implement some changes that require time to come about.  Like a morning routine that nurtures you and moves you forward inch by inch. Try Sun Salutations every morning to get in shape. Anything that could benefit from a repetitive method is gonna fly high this month. Ground down and enjoy the earthy paradise we live on. Indulge your senses. Spoil yourself rotten.  Though I really don’t think allowing yourself what pleases your will rot you in anyway, but rather charge you up with joy and gratitude, nothing rotten about that.

Friday: Lots can get done this day. The moon moves into Virgo and will be full by Sunday Morning. All this Virgo energy has an amazing eye for detail.  Your health matters and Virgo is born with this knowledge. Tap into this to see how you might tweak your routines to promote further good health.  Often the smallest shift can make life long lasting differences Like a long lasting life.

Saturday: The Virgo Moon new moon is pulling against Neptune today. This or that is on the table.  Opposite viewpoints.  The Forest and the trees as individuals need to be considered. Neptune is a dissolver, it washes things away and brings things out of the fog to the shore.  Remember as with all opposition- both sides have valid points. Your work is making them both work.

Sunday: Full Moon in Virgo is yet another chance to release and begin again.  Or in the very least to add to your plan- Which you are likely already implementing. There is a mental stress on this day- with stern Saturn scolding the zoned out Pisces mercury. Maybe you need to get your head out the clouds-Even if just for long enough to get down a workable plan.  I actually mostly recommend keeping your head in the clouds- it has always worked great for me.

*To make good use of this Full moon get your Virgo on. We all have this energy somewhere in our charts.  Surely there is an area of your life that could use a going over, a streamlining, surely there is a bad habit you can drop and a good one you can pick up. Virgo wants it perfect.  Even though it never will be. Try for today. Go for perfect. You may just be closer than you realize.  Keep up the good work. Virgo Loves good work. Many Blessings of obvious forward progress.

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