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June 20- 26, 2016 Today is a brilliant full moon in Sagittarius and the Summer Solstice. Bounce! Level up. Your Life is built on the choices you make. Not deciding is deciding. We are all powerfully poised right now.  Life sweeping change is next. To get from where you are you have to decide where you are going. Make your plans. Begin with the end in mind.

The summer Solstice is one of the four power points of the year.  We can use the chart of today to get the gist of what is to occur during the next season.  Now is the time for growth. It is time to settle in and follow through.  Water your garden pull all the weeds. A little at a time is all you need.   Literally and metaphorically.  By the end of summer you will see the beginning of the results of all your hard work.

The full Moon In Sagittarius is potent with all kinds of potential, which you are no doubt feeling.  Perhaps even physically as this energy is striving to integrate new aspects into your reality. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t distract yourself from your intuition.

The super curious Gemini sun and Mercury are showing us many possibilities.  Part of you is glimpsing immense potential. Another part is not so jazzed about changing so much so fast. Yet another part is formulating your new plan. Close your eyes and jump feet first into this new and uncertain future. Worlds can morph by a simple change in perspective.

This is a great time to express all your sides. There are many legitimate needs pushing to be met now.  If you can express them all you will feel like you are on track, fulfilling your purpose, progressing towards the ultimate goal.

If you try and ignore the wide open door to an unknown future full of possibilities. You will lose your lust for life. Just surviving is such a bore to the great and powerful soul inside you.

It’s time to make a move. You didn’t come here to piss around- you had some plans,your natal chart is such amazing proof of the plans you made before you choose this reality on mother earth. Stick to the program and get a move on. You have a contract with yourself.

“I immediately do things that give me energy”

Luckily Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius are handing you vision for your future.   You can’t create a new world when your eyes are glued to the drama at hand.  Lift up and out of what gets in your way.  Life is moving at quite a clip and you simply must make your moves.

We have all been under the fog of the powerful Saturn Neptune square. Life is dissolving around us to make room for the new world emerging.  Though there will be moments of divine knowing and deep connection, there will also be times of total confusion and debilitating fear.

You are meant to move out of your comfort zone- otherwise life is gonna move you out of your comfort zone.  Saturn won’t put up with a lazy ass.  Work you must for the things you want. Then, the rewards of stability, security, comfort and ease will be afforded you. We just need to decide what it is we will begin to work on.

Where will our precious attention be focused?  What is it that you need to dig into? What do you need to get going on?  Now is your chance. Now.

Right after this Full moon the moon will slip into Saturn ruled Capricorn. It will trine big thinking Jupiter giving us a great big gulp of confidence and inspiration. Then, it will join space with deeply regenerative Pluto.  This is serious committed energy to back up your plans for the future.  Formulate the plan and implement the changes.

Things may feel intense. Like maybe you are dragging yourself through some stuff to get where you need to be.  The energy you put into a life by your own design will be returned multiplied for all your live long days. So muscle up.

Jupiter and the North Node are part of this energy offering blessings, dangling carrots, follow the yellow brick road you will get where you are meant to go.

Give yourself time tonight to Honor the moment.   Put together a mix of Bach’s flower essences.  Address each troublesome feeling. Learn to Tap away unwanted behaviours. Tap into healthy habits and ideas.  The veil is lifted. You can get out of your own way now. You CAN get out of your own way now.

Choose a crystal or assign a well loved bit of jewelry with special meaning. Use this amulets to protect you on your path towards your full potential. Call on your team of light to help on all the unknown steps of the way. Ask and you shall receive.


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