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November 3-9 2014 A full moon in sensuous stable Taurus on Thursday PST highlights our need for security and structure. We can settle into just being (for a minute) Taurus energy knows how to kick back and relax.

The trouble comes in when the Scorpio Sun, Taurus’s opposite, wants to change things.  And not just regular, move the furniture around change, but deep down analyze why you believe what you do change. Sometimes we have to enter the chaos of transformation to create the stability we seek. It’s true that the only thing that CAN be counted on is change.

These two signs are at odds with each other’s way of living.  Somewhere inside all of us we have this dilemma: Taurus says, “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” Scorpio says” but if you look here, in the close, you’ll see things are broken, bones are all piled up in there. Let’s clean it out-It’ll feel freeing to release the secrets” Mostly these two end up not talking to each other. But for now, this week, seeking balance between form and transformation will create growth and harmony in your incredibly valuable life.

The Full moon is exact at 2:23 pm, PST, November 6, 2014 you will feel the pull to sort through deeper issues in your life. And, this sorting, though intense, will bring a deeper peace and authentic inner stability.

These are the issues highlighted during this Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio Sun, from one of my favorite books: The Astrology of Self-Discovery by Tracy Marks.

 Stability vs. Intensity

Accumulation vs. Elimination

Self-Indulgence vs. Self-denial

 Holding on vs. Letting go.

Look for ways to actively participate in creating balance. Which can create a true and beautiful unfolding or who you really are. A passionate productive power can become of these two opposite energies consciously sharing strength. With Stabilized intensity you can use your will constructively.

Write in your Journal, expression is the way out of yourself so do it.  Seeds are being planted now,in the dark. Choose Happiness,Enthusiasm, Peace and Creativity. Don’t forget: Love, Abundance and Perfect Health. These are powerful productive times.  Eat well and Be Brave. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. We can, we will, we have!


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