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July 20-26, 2016  This week our Sun Moves to Happy Leo.Tuesday PST the moon will be full in Capricorn- Master real-izer of dreams. Your Vision can be made real. Now you can get your feet back on the ground and make some headway with your new game plan.

If you don’t have a game plan- hammer one out. Get yourself a whiteboard and plan each step to your new reality- Like a Capricorn, call in patience and focus, call in persistence and determination. Those are the real tools of the trade when making your dreams real.

This Capricorn new moon is powerfully aimed at change. Change to the very foundations you stand on. Transformative Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 making sure that unquestioned authority and tradition gets questioned. Pluto is ruthless in its determination to evolve and in each of our natal charts we see where we are meant to be progressing when we look into Pluto’s placement.

As it travels Capricorn it shines it’s light into dark corners of government and institution, family and tradition. Pluto is freeing us from blind obedience and helping all the world to see why change is always better than the same.

Pluto ain’t no joke.  It’s the nitty-gritty dark stuff we all would rather turn away from. Pluto is making sure the wounds are exposed so they can heal.

All that energy is tied into this Full Moon. Action oriented Mars in Scorpio is motivated to unearth restriction, to sniff out lies, to assess true and total loyalty.  There is an air of finality to the decisions made now. Likely the conclusions you come too make total sense.  Well timed Epiphany’s lead to no turning back change. Let em eat your sparkle dust, you are travelling at an accelerated pace.

The Leo Sun arrives on Friday- Now the good times can be had. Leo is an enjoyment pro. A relaxer extraordinaire. You need to be able to lay back and soak in the healing vibes of the loyal Sun.  You need to feel the good stuff life has to offer.  Lighten up.  Take pleasure and bring joy.

This Capricorn moon can achieve real results for you. Get Clear.  There is a window of bright certainty for you to lay down the plans. And yes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” but Saturn is ruling this New Moon and he wants to see you have a playbook.” Now it’s time for a commitment to follow through. Be true. Commitment begins all new story lines. Walk towards Love.

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