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wolf moonApril 14-20, 2014 holds a peace seeking Libra full moon with a change making Lunar eclipse. It could be a rather fiery time as your desire to satisfy yourself is opposing your need to compromise and cooperate. Find a way to make both work. This leads to fully integrated transformation and a sense of serious accomplishment. The times are challenging. Keep grounded and purposeful. As much as possible, be considerate and kind. The pressure is obvious now. Outbursts of repressed feelings are almost inevitable

Monday afternoon PST, serious business Pluto is beginning a back slide that will last until September 22, 2014. When planets retrograde we often revisit the past somehow. We get a chance to make sure we really know the material. Pluto is in Capricorn now causing structures to crumble. Antiquated ways are being challenged as we evolve into an honest, fair and Loving humanity. All that is corrupt and unsustainable is exposed and challenged in our personal lives and collectively on the planet while Pluto moves through Capricorn. This retrograde activity allows us to be certain of our choices, our foundations are being built on solid ground. Scrutiny is advised when laying the foundation of your new life. Pluto will help expose whatever hinders you, liberating repressed and forgotten parts of yourself. Though Pluto is often a great big dose of the dark parts of life we avoid in normal day to day reality, it serves a great purpose and strengthens our psyches and forces our evolution. Be ready to get real with yourself while Pluto retrogrades and you will come out transformed and empowered.

Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury are pushing you to think deeply about important matters. Freedom and authenticity are top of mind. Secrets are powerless under the gaze of Pluto, truth seeking Jupiter and clever mercury. Something of utmost importance is beginning and the rest is ending. Remember, endings make room for new beginnings. Freedom and truth are calling you. Being physically productive today will keep this powerful energy properly flowing.

Just after midnight PST, the moon will be full in other centered Libra, this occurs with a Lunar Eclipse that can be seen across north America. Eclipses bring change. A realization of what is missing causes a crisis of sorts. With this moon happening between Aries and Libra the pull will happen between what you need and want and what the others in your life need and want. It may not manifest in the area of relationship with other people. It could be your relationship with your work, your health, your spirituality, or any other important aspect of your life.

Now it is good to take stalk and be present. Practice raising your vibration to hold more gratitude and joy. A positive attitude can be learned. Happiness is worth the effort. Joy is such a pleasure. But you have to choose them. Cultivate the good feelings in your life. What brings you joy? Authentic happiness is found in simple things that are most often free. The smell of clover, the sun on your skin, a hug from a loved one, a smile from a baby, and for a small monthly fee, netflix, its commercial free: )

I am talking about cultivating the good feelings because it is likely that you are feeling some pretty intense difficult emotions. Especially if you are affected personally buy this eclipse pattern. Fairness is important now. And if it’s not fair it won’t work. Any imbalance is being brought to the surface. Roll with it. Feel it so you can heal it.

April is a powerful month. This week is leading us to the powerful grand cardinal cross next week. This is creating serious tension for all of us and the planet. You may feel a great resistance to new directions while feeling compelled into change nonetheless. Anxiety is highly likely. Try to stay in your body, breath into the feelings that are coming up instead of distracting yourself with addictions and drama. We are on the planet now by choice, rapid evolution was our intention in this lifetime or we would not be here now. Resistance is futile.

To harness the power of the Full Moon Lunar eclipse be clear about what you choose for your life. Set intentions and clear space to allow newness to enter. Write down your goals, this is the first step towards manifestation. Expect the best to happen and it will. May you be brave and cooperative while you weather the storm to your new destination.




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