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21-27 March 2016  Happy Spring! The seeds are planted, now it’s time to get growing. With this week’s Full Moon in all side seeing Libra. Coupled with a Lunar Eclipse you can expect big changes. Look in the area of your relationships.  What you project onto others will likely become all too clear now.  This is good. This is also hard. Disillusionment is never easy, but without the truth you have nothing. This week the truth is rising, as it always does.

Monday clever mercury enter Aries. Suddenly you are freed of inhibitions.  You have a little swagger in your step. You are feeling self assured and communicating it to the world around you.  This will continue until  April 5, 2016 when Mercury moves into happy to stay the same Taurus. Until then enjoy the sassy new you.  Taken too far Aries can just be rude and inconsiderate of the effect they are having on others. With the Libra full moon this week it’s unlikely you will get away with those kind of shenanigans for long.

Early Wednesday PST the Moon will be full in Libra with a Lunar Eclipse marking another chapter in your story. With the Lunar Eclipse we are seeing into the darkness. For a few hours our usual orientation to our Luminaries, the Sun and Moon, is interrupted. Our shadow becomes visible, slipping into view for a minute so we can see what we are working with.

Those hours are markers- Beginnings and Endings- Points in time that we can release our ineffective programs and begin again. This last two weeks has allowed you a glimpse of your inner workings- you are probably clear on what needs to change. All you need to do now is set your arrow, raise your bow, and aim in the direction of your hearts desire.

The planet Mars is in harmonious aspect to this Eclipse chart firing you up with the Sagittarius need to know. It is important to initiate something that takes courage and conviction. Purposefully activating this warrior energy to catapult you into the new will keep things productive and exhilarating.

You can tell if you are repressing your urge for change if you are feeling like a victim, as if things are happening randomly to poor wee you. Sometimes bad things happen to good people because good people are focusing on bad things, or worse, not focusing at all. Wha bamb! Life changing guidance you didn’t see coming. Big dividends come from consciously setting your course and steering your ship with positive action. Now is not the time for passivity.

Friday All business Saturn is sliding back, retracing steps until August. Relax if things are not moving ahead as quickly as you would like. This is foundation laying energy, careful consideration is required.  Luckily Sagittarius is helping us seek the truth now. Ask and you shall receive. The answers are all around you.  Just asking the question draws the answer from nowhere to Now Here.  

Saturn is going to sober you up on Friday. Think discipline and responsibility. Don’t chance a parking ticket. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Pull your own weight in your relationships if you really do want happy healthy connections.

By Saturday you are going to be seeing how all those pieces fit together. Mars will Trine the Sun firing your engines with ambition and courage. Transforming Pluto and beauty loving Venus will cross paths to bring something special to you for all your efforts. It might be a new idea about an old problem that changes the way you feel. Or an actual new relationship to transform your world. Step into the new. Walk through the door, only bring what you can carry- there is new treasure to collect up ahead.


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