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June 1-7, 2015 The Moon will be full on Tuesday at 9 am PST, in truth seeking visionary Sagittarius. Flashes of knowing are happening at the speed of light. What lucky insights are you receiving now? This is an expansive, world changing energy. This week too Venus is moving into luxury loving Leo. So fancy! Life is filled with little luxuries, open to receive them, grant yourself some wishes.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius has its hands full with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all sitting opposite of it. Oppositions are frustrating, but growth inducing if you can do the right dance and balance the opposites that are seeking expression. The Motto for an opposition is, ” this and that” not, “either or.”

The themes you may find coming up around this time:

knowledge vs. understanding

logic vs. intuition

concrete vs. abstract

means vs. ends

diversity vs. unity

the present vs. the future

Neptune is in the mix with this full moon. Exerting influence and power in a not so helpful way. Though it always depends on how you use this energy. A square from Neptune could create a dream come true situation that calls on you in ways you are not prepared for. A matter of being promoted to the level of your incompetence. So though great things are going down you still feel stress.

Try not to shut down in confusion. You know you are not handling the energy productively if you feel confused ans sleepy. Switch gears with you intentions. You can tap into this energy for fantastic creativity, other worldly ideas, amazing synchronicities that prove that something more than we can understand is going on behind the scenes. Magical coincidence.

Jupiter and Uranus are helping out with trine aspects to this Sagitarrius new Moon. Cooperation and sudden changes in plans and directions are likely, all very fortunate if you can allow yourself to just go with the flow. Change is bubbling up from evey corner and it’s exciting. So much more life affirming than staying the same.

Friday is a potent day. Value conscious Venus is moving into fashionable Leo. An urge for the finer things in life might come from no where. A sense of entitlement that allows you to attract what you want and deserve. So often it is our own shitty self esteem that keeps us from our dreams come true. Now you can get in touch with the part of you that knows you deserve the very best of everything. We all do. It’s really a matter of choice and not all of us are that into making decisions and commitments.

Grant yourself permission to expand. To be more, and do more than you thought possible. Life is changing for all of us in ways life has never changed before. We need to keep on top of this massive shifting so we can reap the rewards of freedom that are on the table right now. What does freedom mean to you?

With Sagittarius the theme of this moon or need for the real truth is going to be strong. Be careful you don’t put your foot in it. Try not to pop anyone else’s balloon even if you do know it all. The best use of this energy is finding new beliefs and ideas that can change your life. World views tend to create a world exactly as you view it. As a lot of questions of this full moon and you will get a lot of answers, and perhaps good directions and a fabulous map too. Godspeed

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