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23-29  November, 2015-The moon will be full in quizzical Gemini.  The Full Moon is a time of seeing.  We tend to get a little crazy when we have to face the stuff that irritates us.  Crazy in the sense of being reactionary and uncomposed. Also, this week, Neptune and Saturn form a difficult square: What needs to be made real? Are your expectations appropriate?  Might you be fooling yourself? Chasing after bubbles that are just going to pop! Not an easy week on the communications front. Be willing to face the truth-it’s the only way to grow.

Tuesday Saturn and Mercury share the same space in a conjunction. Their energies fuse together making for difficult communications. It could be difficult in the sense that its hard to hear what someone has to say. Or difficult because you just can’t bring yourself to speak up when you need too. Repressed words are possible.

To utilize the benefits of this full moon, now is a great time to talk about touchy subjects.  Do it to clear the air.  With the intention to bring closer rather than push away. Unless of course you actually need to make a change and open up some space in your life. Remember you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with.  Think in logical non emotional terms for best results.

Wednesday the 25th of November we have the full moon in Gemini at 2:44 pm PST. Issues of paradox and duality might be coming up for our consideration.  Is there a part of you that wants one thing and another part that wants something completely different?  If that’s the case this full moon will bring such discrepancies to your attention.

Stern Saturn, dreamy Neptune and witty Mercury all have an influence on this moon. The highest use of such a combo would be to make some dreams real.  Paint the painting.  Saturn says, “just one?,  Why not a series?” Ever ambitious. Neptune might rather see a show, or float in the bath and sleep instead. Mercury is thinking big now in Sagittarius and finds the superficial usual painfully dull.

Big things can get done with just a smidge of discipline.  OK, probably more than a smidge. In fact, now would be a good time to ask for the benevolent assistance of your most dear Spirit Guides. If only we thought to ask for help more often.

Thursday Neptune and Saturn are in a tight combination.  A world clashing kind of aspects.  Squares are tricky because the involved parties don’t get each other.  If they could they would never hang out for any reason and any time.  But we are here to learn and squares teach is to compromise, and to see more than one point of view.  They teach us work.

Saturn wants to make real progress. Neptune wants to float around in the unreal.  When these two meet and combine in just the right way, at just the right time, when the stars are positively aligned, great works of art are created. Great offerings to humanity. There is charity and altruism as the best of these energies.  But a difficult mix might leave you disillusioned and defeated.  Waking up in a most unpleasant way.  Dreaming of your castle to wake up to your dungeon sort of thing.

So this week intend to get to know yourself a little more than you already do.  Walk through the week as consciously as possible.  Make art. Dance. Express what you can in whatever way you know how.  And remember to ask yourself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? before you speak your mind. Write down what you learn- even the tricky times have valuable lessons designed to get us in touch with our own best interests.  Welcome those lessons fully conscious.  Come from the heart.

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