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August 24-30 2015 Our minds turn to balance in relationships as Communicator Mercury moves to peace seeking Libra.  Jupiter Joins the Sun to expand what is possible with jaw dropping coincidence.  And, the full moon in Pisces adds a dash of dreams come true to the picture.  You may just be lucky in Love. Risk pays off this week.  Not death defying risk , but well thought out moves towards brighter futures. Up Up and away!

Jupiter joins the Sun once a year.  Wednesday PST this lucky combination offers us up some luck.  Jupiter and the sun are both buoyant up-reaching energies.  They are  in Vigilant Virgo, helping  create an expansion of order and health in your life.  The Saturn ruled Capricorn moon underlies this fortunate energy. Saturn is always serious, conscious of foundations and slow steady progress. Jupiter prefers the lottery winning avenue to wealth, so there is a bit of resistance factored into this lucky joining of Jupiter and the Sun while the moon is in Capricorn and the sun in Virgo.  

If you allow your lucky expansion to be practical too nothing can stop you.  Perhaps its time to add something to your routine that supports your health: Yoga or Pilates maybe.  The good then could grow within your body while you gain strength and alignment. Saturn would be proud.  Or maybe you make sure to get your essential fatty acids.  Any practical expansion is supported immensely.  Jupiter is generous.  A little bit of effort lines you up with all the luck you need to get you  where you are going.

Mercury Moves to Libra Thursday- Mercury does well here in logical Libra. Justice and balance become valuable to you this month.  Relating to others is important now. Being Alone won’t feel right. It is through the eyes of others that we get a glimpse of ourselves. Libra is all about getting along. Seek peace and beauty-Such things will be so soothing to your mind and heart with Mercury in Jupiter.  

You may also find yourself to be indecisive.Your mind is now capable of seeing all sides to all situations- How ever do you choose?  Maybe now is not th e time for choosing.  Make notes for now and choices later.

This full moon in Pisces is conjunct  it’s own ruler Neptune.  Boundaries will blur, veils lift.  The shimmery mist brings messages of magic and other worlds. Neptune sees the magic and mystery in life.  Music, poetry, art of any and all kinds is necessary to express the unexplainable.  Make rest a high priority on Saturday PST.  Nap and lay around if that is what you feel  you need to do.  Neptune communicates to you while you let your imagination wander.  Send of your wishes in hand drawn images.  Magical situations can happen now. What is unreal can be made real.  All you have to do is choose.

The Virgo Sun is a wonderful time to create healthy order in your body mind and soul.  So use this week to make lucky changes that will support you through changes you need to make to get closer to the life you are working towards.  Ground work can be laid in super lucky ways.  Not exactly glamorous, laying ground work- but when you look back on this time you’ll see how lucky you were for things to fall into place as they did. Keep notes.  May all the details be lovingly dealt with during this week and always.  And so they are!

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