Hillory Skott

June 29-July 5, 2015 The Moon is Full in Opportunistic Capricorn with lucky Jupiter Joining forces with luxury loving peace seeking Venus.  Be ready to make your next move. Magical Neptune is linking with the sweet Cancer Sun to bring us all messages from the great beyond.  A peek behind the curtain is possible- A glimpse of guardian guides and your personal part in the process.

Saturn is ruling this Capricorn Full moon on July first at 2:11 am and Saturn is busy making sure we move forward with our closets clean, little to no baggage- Saturn is a minimalist. Saturn retrograding in the last very serious degrees of  Scorpio is making sure we get to the very root of all evil.  It can be a difficult time of loss and grief.  Room for the new needs to be made.  And it’s really not all that personal- but the most emotional of us will feel this all very intensely.  Loss is a part of life.  Now just let go.

What a relief it is too loosen your grip a little. Allow what IS to BE.  We are all moving to new realities.  Think clearly now. What wave will you catch?  Who will be with you in your newest version of reality? And remember: you get to choose.  Take nothing for granted. Take responsibility for every reaction and all your emotions. With Saturn and Scorpio there is no buck passing.  It was you who raised your hand for this assignment. And look how well you are doing.  So so well.

So this full moon is kind of big. It has sparkle and shine.  Luck and light. Your will can take you places with Mars instigating self serving change.  Meeting your own needs allows you to be available to assist those who will truly benefit from your presence. You may be very aware of certain relationships that need to go.  If someone decided they need you to be happy there is a unhealthy etheric attachment you need to get rid of. When those attachments are made you can be affected by the messages and energy sent by whoever is attached to you.   They can essentially feed off your energy.  You need your energy. So be sure to cut the cords.  

Venus and Jupiter are the great gift givers of the zodiac and they are very much present during this full moon. Flavoring any difficulty with opportunity that you just can’t help but be grateful for.  Love may just come knocking. Opportunities are coming your way.  Shave your legs – just in case.   These two both love effortless ease. The finer things.  Freedom and time are really the finest things of all. Order some of that up for yourself. Happiness and health lie in the direction of your personal freedom. Be open to new ideas and travel. Count your little blessings to draw in the big ones. May Beauty be before you.

This Capricorn full moon gives us a chance to show up for ourselves. You now have the tools available to create a whole new life that supports your authentic self. You are the boss. Decide how the story goes and work towards that. Write down your plan. Direct the show with your choices and action. Life is helping you  upgrade your programs. Let there be Light!

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