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megan-aroon-duncanson-blue-essenceJanuary 13-19, 2013 the moon will be full in motherly Cancer opposite the sun in Father Capricorn. Now’s your chance to balance Inner and outer authority. Step towards what nourishes you and what makes you brilliant and capable. Nourishing support is available for us all. We can fill the holes left by inadequate parenting with the energy of this Full Moon. But we can fill them on our own, as self-sufficient grown-ups.

The week starts with a fast mental pace- you can think and talk a blue streak now- fun. Get stuff done- little stuff, like mailing letters, or making phone calls, writing is well supported too. The moon shifts later Monday afternoon PST into emotional Cancer. Jupiter is amplifying this touch feely energy. You might get down right clingy and totally needy-At best you will become aware what your true emotional needs are during this time.

Wednesday we have the Moon Full in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn. This is a time of emotional awareness as well as the importance of friends, family, connection and the importance of a nurturing home base. Does your home support you? Are you surrounded in what you need, use and Love? Are the people in your home loving and supporting you in being who you really are? Is there laughter? Cuddles? Music? Scrumptious soothing soups and fresh clean water? Do you have essential oils for your bath? And warm socks?

And also to consider is your sense of duty and responsibility to the outer world. Are you offering the world your special talents? Are the bills paid on time? Is there savings for a rainy day? Are you trustworthy? Are you taking action on your ideas? Changing the oil in your car? Do you do what you say you’ll do? Are you stepping into position and walking your talk?

We need a sense of inner discipline to get anywhere in life. But we also need a soft place to land, to feel safe and secure. How well-developed are these aspects of life in your world? Your feelings will guide you to the truth. Now you have a chance to speak your feelings to those that need to hear them. Just feeling your feelings now is important. You may find yourself sensitive, weepy and sad as your wounded inner child comes out for a hug. Go ahead and feel sad for the unloved parts of yourself. Feel angry or confused. Feel what comes up. Where is this feeling located in your body? Breathe light into it,exhale the past. Let it go. We are safe and sound. I am safe. I am sound. Make that your mantra to bolster your courage while you leave the past and step into the future.

Fiery Mars is squaring a serious retrograde Venus in Capricorn. Squares are dynamic and push us to grow. Venus wants us to get serious about our values. Assess where you are committing energy. Are you Happy? Disconnect from draining wrong directions. Make new traditions that suite the real you- invite growing souls to your table. Laugh. Hug. Get dancy. Choose a life that supports the real you.

The energy this week supports us in getting real with what we need and being willing to take responsibility for creating just that in our lives. Set your intentions high. Take action when prompted by life. The Lucky thing is, we are in the mood for this. It feels exhilarating to lean into the changes- to drop the bags and release the story. This is a different world we are collectively creating. One where our needs are considered and met. Where we are loved and nurtured and strong.

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