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February 15-21, 2016 Relationship focused Venus leaves get to work Capricorn for Free Loving Quirky Aquarius on Tuesday- The weight is lifted. Yes the weight is lifted. Friday the Sun moves from rebel individual Aquarius into Cosmic Pisces. Uplift. Lift Up!  

Venus has been traveling through stern Saturn ruled Capricorn. There is light and dark,positive and negative to every planet, to every sign. It’s the yin/yang of the Earth plane and the Earth plane we be.   Venus, the sign it is in and where it is in our birth charts affect how we relate to the world, How we relate in relationships and what we value.

With Capricorn Venus things can get heavy. Saturn is all about foundations and long-term commitment to a goal. All great things for a long-term relationship.  But It can also be withholding and cold. Saturn shows where we are lacking. Capricorn is expert and delaying gratification, putting of the pleasures of today for the rewards of tomorrow. So no fun.  But, it is the Capricorns that climb to the top of the mountain. They enjoy secure retirements, live in paid off homes, have life long mates.  So there is something to this delayed gratification. It allows you to rest in today and trust tomorrow.

Needless to say you may have been busy with weighty topics. Foundation laying concerns.  You may even have felt a total lack of joy and sense of stagnation in the last few weeks.  It depends so much on the placements in your own chart.  If it has been hard know that good work has been done and by Wednesday things will lighten as Venus lifts into Aquarius.

For the Next few weeks you may find yourself down right different, daring, rebellious, up for anything. The more eccentric or new the situation or person the better.  Capricorn solidifies and Uranus busts things up. Lifts you out of the rut. Its perfect for change.  For joining a group- connecting with the community. Fly your freak flag! The more You you can be the better. Your life is calling you to be You! Now all your relationships will work better if you step  into all your weirdness.

This Quote by Dr.Suess is perfect for Venus in Aquarius. “We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”  Now you can find someone and fall in mutual weirdness.

Friday our glorious Sun is moving into Pisces. The Pisces energy puts us in touch with the cosmos, with creativity and comfort. Our empathy will ramp up. Art born of Neptune, Pisces ruler always has an otherworldly bend to it. Now our guidance from other realms will be easily accessed. Inspiration is worth some real world effort- but maybe not until the sun moves into Fiery Aries sign of beginnings next month.

To make the most of the Pisces sun time steep yourself in peace and beauty. Find a way to give someone what they need. Partake in the arts. Contribute to that arts. Dance, sing, love.  Request a meeting with your ever-present Higher Self. Show up for that meeting. Imprint your impressions in the real world.  Pisces has vision.  Enjoy your visions. Give your sweet self Pisces favorite thing- Naps.  This week showing up will feel right.  Be You!


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