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  • Feb 2, 2015
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RadiantHeartFebruary 2-8, 2015 starts off with the incredible power of the Royal Leo Full Moon. Generous, know-it-all Jupiter is gracing this Full Moon with vision and certainty. There is sudden sparkly bits of Luck available with all this bright fiery energy. Your inner royal wants its just deserts. Align yourself with luck and fortune, be who you know you are. Attitude is everything. Use your magic.

Tuesday February third at 3:09 pm the Moon will be exactly full in Leo. Leo is so lovely, fun, warm, and encouraging. Romance and poetic bits of heartfelt expression are waiting to be released. If you have an idea or an urge to put yourself out there, now is the time to step into position. Declare your undying love: being soft and gooey is great for long-term love. Creativity is so so supported now. Let your soul be free. Paint, dance, color, sing, dress-up, clown around, play, love, and shine.

Shake it up change maker is giving us a supportive boost in a new direction. Be ready for action. Be prepared for anything. Remember, good fortune happens when preparation meets opportunity. What have you been preparing for? Maybe you should have a bag packed and ready. Just in case you win tickets or a role, anything is possible. Just believe.


 Jupiter is joining forces with this full Moon. Your big thinking, brave self is seeing a whole new future. Jupiter seeks the truth in everything. You might find yourself philosophising, or preaching, in a way that turns the less boisterous types off. Be careful with that. Also, be sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. You feel strong and capable now, but next week you might need to retreat. Be cautious in your commitments so you don’t look like a flaky big talker. That said, this is powerful supportive energy if used to launch yourself into a new chapter, a happy,wealthy, filled with luck and love chapter. Claim it during the full moon. Send your intentions to the Universe so your wishes can be fulfilled: Check! Wishin accomplished!

Mercury seems to be having a blast with the tricky mix ups in communication. If you show up a day early for something count yourself lucky, it’s better than a day late. But that’s possible too right now. So make a list and check it twice. Mercury will be retrograde in brainy Aquarius until February eleventh. Unique ideas or people from your past might make an appearance so you can sort something out, complete something that needs completing or begin again what you put aside. Friendly encouragement is what to look for. Align yourself with those who have your best interest at heart.

This will be an interesting, likely dramatic week. It will be a week to remember, can you guess how it is all playing out. flashes of precognition are common place with Jupiter so prominent. Wishing you a fabulous beginning to this brand new chapter.

I am happy to be back to writing weekly forecasts. The sunshine and perfect temperatures were all I knew they would be. Watch for the release of “The Astrological Guidebook to Self-Love” on Amazon, March 20, 2015. If you have any questions or concerns or ideas please do feel free to contact me any time at [email protected] Thank You for reading.


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