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March 24-30, 2014 is our first full week of spring in the western hemisphere. We can feel a shift in energy, a release. images (1)The first and most potent new moon of the year is on March 30, this coming Sunday PST. The Aries energy is bright and refreshing, out with the old in with the new- Send your positive visualizations off to the Universe every day- if you don’t know what you want, figure it out by Sunday and focus your considerable creative power to shift the particles of reality into something that you adore- make that inner child happy.

Wednesday and Thursday there is fortunate connection between clever communicator Mercury and adventurous truth seeking Jupiter. Mercury likes to talk about it. Being in Pisces could create some fantastically imaginative ideas and solutions. Pisces empathize. Perhaps you will want take a little trip. Even if in your imagination. Which is where our true power lies. With Pluto in the mix as well it’s likely that you will get the opportunity to understand something that was illusive to you. An Aha moment. A whole new way of thinking that can free you on important inner levels.

All this fortunate mercury energy should help you to see just exactly what you want to create in your life. Where do you want to be in five years? Start with the end in mind. What kind of relationships do you want? What about your home? Your Career? Your physical self? And don’t forget some sort of spiritual practice, whatever that looks like to you. Our society pushes us along to live a certain way. Does this suite you? Remember freedom is your birth right- arrange it for yourself- it’s liberating!

With Pluto connecting to Mercury as well you will be able to access more truth. Now’s the time to gently spill the beans to clear the air, metaphorically speaking; ) Pluto is a digs around in the dark. We keep power locked away in secrets and pushed away parts of ourselves. Pluto bravely faces the dark side of things to neutralize the effects. For those of you who enjoy diving deep now’s your chance. Considering Pluto is in positive aspect with Mercury it will be a blessing to understand things in this new way- with more pieces of the puzzle in place.

The new moon occurs in Aries and this truly is most potent new moon. Get your seeds in the ground, metaphorically speaking, although here on the west coast you can plant physical seeds too. This is a great time to create the collage or other special piece of artwork to anchor your wishes in space and time. You wont regret taking time to clarify your direction. Even is it changes along the way – you need to at least choose a goal. Its a great time to change your life style- energy is available. A great massive movement of forward thrusting energy surges during this new moon. Its the same energy that shoots up the daffodils and brings us the sweet smelling lilacs. Use it to bring forth your unique creative expression: your life. “Every blade of grass has an Angel hovering over it whispering, ‘grow, grow’ ” the Talmud. Open up to hear your Angel?

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