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June 26-July 2, 2017 Planet of communication is super active while it moves through Cancer this week. Home, family,your roots and all things mother and nurture are coming into focus. It’s a bit of a whirlwind of active mental energy in a very feeling sign. Let your feelings show you where you need to take action. The wind is beneath your wings now, or in your sales.

Tuesday PST Jupiter is having a showdown with Mercury. Part of you wants to get out there and schmooze, expand your horizons and connect. An urge to search for partnerships is hitting us all on some level. Not just love stuff, but business and other kinds of partnerships too. Learn what you can about yourself and pay attention to what surfaces for you.
Another part of you wants to stay near the nest and focus and family and tradition. Perhaps becoming aware that you want to bring partnerships into your life and family would help embrace this tricky fitting energy.
Buy the end of the day Neptune trine Mercury will aid you in seeing the magic in the synchronicities. Lucky ideas, inspirations or solutions will lead you to make fortunate connections. New and helpful inspirations. Our guidance comes through our own imagination. May your mind be receptive to the sparkling ideas bubbling up.
Wednesday Mars and Mercury fuse energies while travelling through the sign of Cancer. We are all feeling the pull to take care of things close to home. Issues of nurturing and mothering may likely come up. Did you get the Mother you wish you had? You will be feeling rather tender-hearted now. And it’s really ok to feel sad about what you may never have. It’s natural even. Let yourself feel whatever comes up. Let the watery energy wash away the broken bits. Release them.
Lots of thought will be going into all issues relating to the sign of Cancer this week. Your home is front and center. Family is something to consider. Creating a safe and sacred space for you to thrive is very possible now. Call that in for yourself this week. Let your feelings be your guide.
You are the Mother to you now. Treat those wounded child parts with extra special care and love.
Thursday Pluto is an opposition with Mercury. Pluto in Capricorn is calling your to get your real world affairs in order. It’s asking your what your legacy will be. Did your parents and grandparents consider what their legacy would be?
Pluto is intense and Capricorn is a super hard worker. This is opposing Mercury in sensitive ever feeling Cancer who would like to stay home and avoid the rush rush of the world. Combine the home and work values of these two and you will be able to build yourself a solid home base, a nurturing home with loved ones all around.
The week ends with a similar issue between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. A balance between both the practical and the emotional part of yourself must be found for all parts of you to feel fully expressed. Work and rest need to be equally balanced now. The rest is where the deeper work takes place. Don’t skip it.
Many Blessings for a most wonderful week of connection and understanding. Namaste!
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