Hillory Skott

April 25th, 2016
Connect with Crystals


“The Angles bring you the energy of the Crystals to purify, cleanse and raise the frequency of your energy field. If you feel a connection then the Crystals are calling you”

Tanja Christine Jaeger

Gratefully I discovered Crystals the same time I discovered astrology.  I use them in my everyday life.  The jewelry I wear is always of therapeutic value.

My Favorites are Rose quartz, to calm me emotionally and put me in touch with Loving reactions.

Jasper I find very grounding, it makes me feel safe from all harm.

And I love Garnet too, I find it repels negativity in a very effective way.

I use Blue calcite to help me meditate.

Hematite energizes me when I feel run down or am low on iron.

Moon Stone helps me get in touch with my intuition.

My Crystals are my friends and little helpers. I am ever grateful for the energy they bring to my life. Below are some recommendations for Crystals that are helpful to each sign- remember we each carry all the signs in the zodiac in our charts so follow  your instincts to pick your own personal crystals



rock crystal, carnelian, diamond, amethyst


rose quartz, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, boji stones, amethyst


agate, tigers eye, dendritic agate, blue lace agate, apophyllite, tourmaline, amethyst


aventurine, moonstone, pearl, amber, amethyst


sunstone, rock crystal, bronzite, boji stones, larimar, amethyst


jasper, citrine, peridote, amazonite, garnet, amethyst


howlite, tourmaline, sapphire, ametrine, jade, amethyst


hematite, topaz, malachite, boji stones, variscite, amethyst


 tigers eye, chalcedony, topaz, sodalite, sugilite, amethyst


obsidian, onyx, jet, labradorite, magnetite, amethyst


falcon’s eye, blue obsidian, moonstone, amethyst


amethyst, calcite, turquoise, smithsonite

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