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February 9th, 2015

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Capricorn in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Capricorn is ruled by the taskmaster planet Saturn. An earth sign focused on practical reality Capricorn is the most ambitious sign of the Zodiac. They are persistant and incredibly patient, like the mountain goat that symbolizes them, they are always climbing, sights set on achievement and status. Born with inner discipline Capricorns are born to succeed. There is a love of duty and an easy acceptance of responsibility. This is a loyal Soul who values tradition and family. Capricorns are perfection seeking, and excel in the art of delegation. They are often wise and burdened as children, but life get easier as they grow older, earning power and status. They age beautifully, with grace, a reward for their effort-full childhoods.


Sometimes referred to as cold, Capricorn has a knack for shutting out foolish emotion. They may feel these silly little feelings, but they refuse to let them have any control. Capricorn often chooses work over play as that is what makes the most sense. Capricorns understands useful, anything else is in the way. They love to pontificate, they have considerable bookish wisdom and are drawn to offer it up. What they really want out of life is recognition, talents that go unnoticed in childhood vie for some grown up accolades. This is one of the reasons Capricorns work so hard. If opinions become inflexible they tend to have problems with their joints. This can be fixed with a little open mindedness- not always easy for this know-it-all-goat.


Capricorns are loyal to their loved ones. Commitment comes naturally to them, but they are very slow to make them, they take their vows seriously. They are steady and reliable mates that can be counted on. Money will be made, property acquired, portfolios built. These things make for a great partner. They are happiest with a loyal, organized, helpful partner that isn’t needy or emotionally immature. They do need a mate willing to make clear the importance of actually spending downtime with loved ones because most Capricorns feel the need to always be working on something, anything. A firm talking to by a rational significant other will be well received. Then the wintering in a sunny climate part of life can start. Cappies enjoy their role as steadfast mate and head of the family. Definitely in it for the long haul.


These ambitious souls value the same things in life. Working as a team is natural, mutual respect and admiration a given. The only concern here is that they might put work above all else, allowing life to fall out of balance. These two masters of discipline could build an empire brick by brick. But may have trouble sipping cocktails on the beach. Which is what the relationship really needs. A promising long-term relationship.

Capricorn Compatability

The Aries Capricorn relationship will be a stressful one indeed. Both are cardinal signs, motivated to make things happen in the world, but their methods are as different as oil and water. Capricorn is always conscious of how things appear, image and status. Aries is not aware of such things. Aries is loud and Capricorn is quite. Capricorn is careful and Aries is reckless. Capricorn is disapproving of the Aries way and Aries thinks Capricorn is a boring rule maker. This relationship will be awkward at best and infuriating at worst. Earth wants stability and Fire wants to burn it down.

The Taurus Capricorn relationship works well. These earth signs share the same need for security and stability. Capricorn likes the way Taurus can hold the fort and feed his senses. Taurus admires Capricorns ambition and plans for the future. Things can get tricky if Taurus makes any impulse buys. Capricorn likes things to be useful while Taurus wants pretty things too. These signs can be great support to each other. Taurus may feel Capricorn is cold, but if you look below the surface there is a depth and loyalty that is to be admired. Capricorns actions speak louder than words.

The Gemini Capricorn relationship is filled with contradiction. Capricorn is serious and Gemini likes silly. Capricorn considers money of utmost importance and Gemini prefers not to be on top of those issues. Capricorn is grounded and stable while Gemini is about as grounded as a butterfly. Cap will appreciate Geminis verbal wit, but soon realize that Geminis knowledge skims the surface. Capricorn prefers to climb the mountain to mastery. Gemini loves to be cute and flirty, Capricorn takes such flirtations seriously. A possible friendship but unlikely partnership, likely lasting no more than a few dates. True love this is not.

The Capricorn Cancer relationship has potential for greatness. If balance between these opposites can be achieved. Capricorn and Cancer are both careful with money and resources, bargain hunters extraordinaire-they will love this about each other. Capricorn often puts work first,and Cancer can pout about this. Cancer can be too emotional for practical Capricorns tastes. And Cancer will complain about cold calculating Cap. Each is meant to learn to integrate the traits of the other. Capricorn needs to value emotion and home and Cancer needs to not let emotion be in control. This could work if based on true love.

The Capricorn Leo relationship is contentious. Leo’s showy nature makes wallflower Capricorn cringe at parties. Leo loves a little flattery, not minding a little exaggeration. Capricorn finds flattery an insult. Leo wants sweeping declarations of undying love and Cap feels duty has been done when I love you was said at the wedding, or the birth of the first born. Leo is warm, generous and encouraging. Capricorn is a little cold, careful with handouts, and critical. Capricorn humor is dry, Leo’s goofy. Such different characters are destined to irritate each other. This will be obvious in no time at all.

The Virgo Capricorn relationship is strong and solid. These two are naturally attracted to each other. With similar values. Virgo will be happy to get behind Capricorns plans to build an empire and Capricorn will appreciate Virgos attention to detail. VIrgo can see the flaws a mile away and Capricorn will trust Virgos assessments. These two can make wonderful and supportive partners. Capricorns steady nature helps Virgo feel safe, and the way Virgo tends to Capricorns health with nurturing food and practical suggestions helps Capricorn feel loved. The odds are high that this will be a lasting, loving partnership

The Libra Capricorn relationship looks good at a dinner party. Capricorn will love Libras hosting abilities recognizing how helpful this is for the Capricorn obsession with career. At first Libra will admire this pointed focus on achievement, but soon enough will realize career always comes first to Capricorn. Capricorn will lose all respect for Libra when the spending habits are revealed. Libra can’t understand Capricorns weird obsession with stockpiling cash. Capricorn figures if I love you has been said once that should do it. Libra loves to hear daily declarations of undying love. Needs will not be met in this relationship.

The Capricorn Scorpio has a need for secure finances in common but that’s it unfortunatly. Scorpio’s intensity will irritate cucumber cool Capricorn. Cap will feel the need to point out the error in Scorpios approach. Scorpio does not take outside councel but likes to give it. Power struggles ensue. Scorpio likes control, so does Capricorn. Niether likes to be controlled.
Scorpio wants passion and drama and Capricorn a cup of tea and sensible discussion. BOth can admit a certain attraction to each other but it’s likely to fade fast and end bitterly. A friendship is more likely with these two.

The Capricorn Sagittarius relationship is not exactly ideal. They don’t have much more in common than being beside each other in the zodiac. Sagittarius is often inappropriate in social situations, Capricorn innately understands the importance of reputation. Capricorn is a frugal lover of facts. Sadge is impetuous with money and loves to exaggerate. Capricorn wants proof and Sadge is happy to follow a hunch. Both are philosophical but will happen upon different ideologies. If they could learn to tolerate each other’s eccentricities there could be benefit. Capricorn brings some reality to Sadges vision, and vice versa. Not entirely impossible.

The Capricorn Capricorn relationship is pretty easy. It is thought that most soul mate relationships share a sign. These two are mostly happy with each other. These ambitious souls value the same things in life. Working as a team is natural, mutual respect and admiration come naturally. The only concern here is that they might put work above all else, allowing life to fall out of balance. These two masters of discipline could build an empire brick by brick. But may have trouble sipping cocktails on the beach. Which is what the relationship really needs. A promising long-term relationship.

The Capricorn Aquarius relationship has great potential. Each respects the others intelligence and observations. Aquarius might be just what Capricorn needs to break up the monotony of life. And Capricorn helps keep Aquarius up-to -date on the bills. Capricorn recognizes Aquarius genius streak, and Aquarius appreciates Capricorns business sense. They could work well as business partners and romantically. Issues may arise because of Capricorns depressive dark side and Aquarius’ constant need to socialize. Capricorn can usually understand the Aquarian need for freedom. Mutual respect goes a long way in this relationship. With a little love, toleration of differences is possible.

The Pisces Capricorn relationship is not usually viable. Capricorn likes to talk straight, to the point. Pisces loves to ponder all the possibilities, avoiding direct communication. Though both can be very spiritually aware, their ways in the world don’t support each other. Pisces is often the martyr, working for a greater cause. Capricorn will have a greater cause too, like wintering in Florida, or piloting their own plane. Pisces feeds the homeless and Capricorn wants to offer employment programs, instilling responsibility. Capricorn is not connected emotionally enough to truly resonate with Pisces. A great learning relationship but notlong-term.

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