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January 16-27,2018 The planets form a powerful star cluster in capable Capricorn. The New Moon grants access to our deep down inherited abilities. We can tap in to the work we came here to do.

At 6:17 pm PST on January sixteenth the New moon is in Capricorn connection a whole line up of planets. Now we can see it is worth the hard work. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time is how you get where you are going. Relax into that idea and trust the process.

Pluto acknowledges where we came from and gives us strength to cut binding ties. Venus is putting us in touch with what we value, what brings love and pleasure. Uranus reminds us how important our freedom to be ourselves really is.

There is a Sextile from high minded Jupiter and fiery Mars in focused Scorpio. This is an aspect of opportunity. Scorpio is about transformation. This is what we are here to do so tap into it. Where are you going and how are you getting there?

This is a magical time of opportunity. New seeds are planted and they are solid, wise, enduring seeds. You are responsible for the routine effort it is going to take to make these seeds sprout and grow into something you are proud of. Something future you is proud of.

With Scorpio and Capricorn involved in this new moon there is an understanding of integrity and loyalty. We may not be able to live up to our own expectations but we damn well better try. There is no room for weakness here. We first have to be loyal to ourselves before we can be there for others.

With all the planets lined up in Capricorn there is no better time to know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it. Think long-term. This is no pie in the sky energy. No magic hand is giving you what you want. You are earning it. And what you earn you learn. Practice makes better. Fail fast.

Wednesday Venus moves into Aquarius followed by the Sun on Friday. Ahh a breath of fresh air. This Aquarius energy will help you detach and see things from a more intellectual perspective.

Neptune and Mercury are connecting on Friday just hours before the New moon is exact. Mercury is our intellectual capacity and Neptune our connection to the Cosmos. Inspiration is available. The sextile is an opportunity, one you must go after. It’s not a fall in your lap scenario, it’s a reach out and grab it kind of situation.

Be ready to stretch. Moving beyond your comfort zone keeps you growing. With the sun and Venus in the Aquarius you can really let your freak flag fly. This helps you be who you are an find your perfect place in the puzzle of life.

We are entering pivotal times heading towards the second full moon of January with a total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This is called a blue moon because it happens once in a blue moon.  The Eclipse will open the door to the next level.  Be ready to do the work. “ Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca

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