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January 4- 10, 2016 – Mercury and Jupiter go retrograde and the Moon is new in quality seeking Capricorn.  Time to get serious. Seriously focused. Deep diving Pluto is close this new moon and the ruler of the electric new is squaring off with transforming Pluto. Take it one thoughtful step at a time. Think we rather than me.

Mercury does his first backslide of the year from the 5th-25th.  You might start off all inspired this week only to find out that things need to be done a little more thoroughly than you realized.  Mercury governs our communications, how we come across in words, our understandings and speed of our thinking. It also rules electronics and technology. It can be finicky.

When Mercury is retrograde it’s like the wires aren’t firing properly.  Capricorn is taking Mercury through a lesson in fine print. In carefully weighing all your options.  In making sure that you are understood when you speak.  If you speed on through you will trip up. Capricorn wants thorough top-notch plans to be made and solidified.

The same day Mercury retrogrades – Pluto joins the Sun in Capricorn. Serious business indeed. You can ask the serious questions now. Are you taking care of your financial life? Are you taking on appropriate responsibility? Are you considering the effects of your actions on future generation?  Are you taking care of yourself? Your joints need to be put through the full range of motion every day to stay flexible in body mind and Spirit.

Thursday Jupiter is also retrograding in earthy Virgo.  Time to Virgo up.  An even finer level of self-care is necessary.  Jupiter in Virgo calls on you to expand the order in your world. Order in diet, exercise, paperwork, junk drawers and relationships. The more order you can create in your world the less anxious you will be. Healing is possible when you focus on how to improve things.  The answers will come. Commit to the job.

Saturday the moon is new in steady Capricorn. It is the first of two Capricorn new Moons in 2016- the second is on December 28th.  Mark this date in your calendar and track your progress.  Capricorn likes to track progress. How else can you convince yourself to keep patiently climbing to the great heights you aspire?

Be sure to get yourself a calendar and mark down dates and actionable steps. Give yourself a timeline and pray for discipline. Capricorn is a pro at discipline.  Call on the part of yourself that values hard work and focused effort over a sustained period of time. It will show up and make you proud of yourself.  Nothing really matters more than that.  Now there is massive opportunity to build self-respect, self-worth, and gain real world rewards for your efforts. Intend on that.

All our life really needs is our participation. We are creating whether we realize it or not. Might as well get super clear about what you are bringing into your life.  Now is the time for that clarity. By next month you can move forward, strong, certain, and secure. Lay that foundation, lay it with Love and Clarity. Be sure to pause and appreciate the moments that are leading your where your heart wants to go. Life is what happens when you are making other plans.  Be present.  Be Love.


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