Hillory Skott

January 11-17 2015, Capricorn is definitely coloring the cosmos this week.  Lots of positive stability forming energy is swirling around. Mercury is retrograde pulling us within to review, rework and renew our plans.  Relationship seeking Venus is paired up with independent Uranus- dazzling and unpredictable. Be ready for change. Let me rephrase that ” Be ready to make changes.”

I just learned that David Bowie died. He died three days after his 69th birthday and the release of his last album “Black Star”.  Black star is also an ancient term for Saturn- Capricorn’s ruler, which was Bowies Sun sign, mercury and mars. It is said he had been experiencing cancer for the past 18 months while Pluto, planet of transformation moved across his 12th house of endings . Perhaps his last album will be a trek through the dark star side of dying.  Saturn joined his south node the day he died- suggesting the completion of a cycle.  He was Uranian, Neptunian, and Saturn will make him last in our collective minds. Bon Voyage David Bowie: send us a message from the other side.

Tuesday Venus and Uranus are trining in what could turn out to be  a lucky break. Expect something out of the blue.  Uranus is an out of the box thinker who likes to shake things up. Venus in Sagittarius might just be open for anything.  Watch your thoughts. Often time our lucky breaks come because of inspired vision.  Any ideas? Perhaps a flash of inspiration on how to free yourself from an oppressive situation.

Wednesday and Thursday Jupiter the Sun and Mercury are all connecting in seriously helpful ways.  It is an earthy mixing of energy, which is great for any efforts you want to make long lasting.  With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn your review work should be very thorough and productive.  

Jupiter is in fastidious Virgo which might just help you be super realistic and thrifty too. But don’t sacrifice quality for a good deal. It’s not worth it in the long run.  You will see that now though, with all the Capricorn energy imbuing the cosmos.

Sunday brings stressful aspect between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo.    These two have different agendas and that can be tricky. Look around to see where your relationships are suffering because of a simple difference in values.

Jupiter in Virgo wants to expand something that will bring more health and balance into your life. Venus is into the bigger picture now, not so fussy on the details. Adventure and philosophy are more exciting than nutrition and discipline.

Both energies are top-notch at truth telling so let it out.  Discuss the differences and see if you can come to a compromise. Some values are so divergent that there is no use in trying to overcome the discrepancies. Life doesn’t have to be so hard and full of strife.  Choose peace and love and you can’t go wrong.

Much can be accomplished this week. Especially ground work. Stay flexible while making plans but do make those plans- set the wheels of change in motion. The next phase of your life is quickly coming into focus. Let go of the old and plan for the new.  What do you need to do? What can be released? How can you be more productive? Think in terms of long term. Life is guiding you to your next best version of you- You gotta do the work.  Get it done! With lots of love and fun.

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