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February 15th, 2015

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Cancer in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Cancer is a nurturing sign ruled by the Moon. Life is related to first through the emotions for a Cancer. The feel and then interpret those feelings. This creates and wonderfully empathetic personality. A cancer will make sure you are comfortable and feel at home in their presence. Cancers are security minded so they are often very good with money, squirreling it away for rainy days. Cancers are loyal to their families and happiest at home making things cozy. With Cancer there is an innate attachment to the past. They have amazing memories and deep respect for history, in all its various guises.


Cancer sometimes loves the past too much and will hang on to relationships and situations that have stopped working long ago. Cancer is so attuned to the subtle realms of emotion they have a knack for manipulating your feelings to get what they might want. Cancer, the master of the guilt trip, could have you doing all kinds of things you have no interest in. Cancer is not a fan of direct communication, and is much like its symbol the crab- they like to approach things from the side. And crabby is a great description for this moody water sign. Cancers are affected by the moons constant movement through the zodiac. Expect a new mood every couple of days. Cancer is very much affected by the energy of those closest so it is important to choose upbeat lighthearted companions.


A Cancer partner is a devoted, loving and loyal mate. They are wonderful solid parents and committed lovers. Once in relationship Cancers consider it for the long haul, they have no problem with long-term plans. Cancers are happiest with stable security minded partners. Predictable personalities who want to commit for life make Cancer feel safe and secure. Home and family will always be top priority for a Cancer, perfect for a long-term relationship. Cancers nurture those they love with good food and cozy atmosphere. You will be understood by your Cancer mate who takes the time to tune into you emotionally. It is important to stand up to your Cancer partner when you feel yourself suddenly feeling guilty for wanting something different. It takes two independent people to make a healthy inter-dependent relationship. Cancer can be bossy, but it’s best to stand your ground to gain respect.


These two have a home that would make Martha Stewart proud. They share fundamental values. Both place high value on family and security. Both are loyal and nurturing. This will be a moody duo, which is fine if each allows the other quiet time to process their shifting inner landscapes. Cancer knows exactly how to love a Cancer which could make these two happily ever after soulmates.

Cancer Compatability

The Aries Cancer relationship is steamy, but in a suffocating kind of way. Aries will find Cancer moody and overtly control. This is highly irritating because Aries likes to discuss the elephants in the room and Cancer finds ways to move around them. Cancer finds Aries harsh and incredibly selfish. Both are cardinal signs, the like to be the boss and get things done but not in compatible ways. The blend is not likely to be harmonious, but could be highly productive. Cancer likes to hold down the fort and Aries likes storms into action. An interesting mix for drama.

The Taurus Cancer relationship could be a good one with the right amount of give and take.
Cancer will adore learning all about Taurus and Taurus will love feeling so loved. Both signs enjoy domesticity and much joy will come from shared love of the home front and children. Taurus can be insensitive to emotional Cancer from time to time which causes Cancer to retreat into their shell. All and all these two could be supportive partners in a relationship that gets better as it ages. With Love in the air this match may be the blessing you’ve been waiting for.

The Cancer Gemini relationship is probably not even going to start. Cancer is frugal and cautious and self protective. Gemini likes risk and is wide open to the world. Cancer is careful in ways Gemini can’t understand. Both have changeable moods, but Cancers feelings run deep. Gemini’s emotions are generally superficial. Cancer will try to envelop Gemini in a love the Gemini finds stifling. Cancer clings to things and Gemini has a passion for newness and change. Cancer’s desire for domestic bliss is opposed to Geminis focus on everything but. Even as friends this pairing is unlikely.To different to harmonize.

The Cancer Cancer relationship could be soul mates. These two have a home that would make Martha Stewart proud. They share fundamental values. Both place high value on family and security. Both are loyal and nurturing. There may be a lot of emotional swings as moon ruled cancer is shifting all the time. If they can be on the same page it could work, but if they are in dark places at the same time they may reach for the anti-depressants, or cookies. There is great potential to be a supportive relationship,the opposite is also true. Tricky territory.

The Cancer Leo relationship has many good points. Leos need to be put on a pedestal is fine by Cancer who showers affection on their loved ones. Cancer is warm and caring and Leo is encouraging and proud. Leo respects Cancers respect for family bonds, unless it gets in the way of the relationship. Which it very well might. Leo is flashy and fashion conscious. Cancer likes classic and is careful with their funds. Cancers need for reassurance in love will only be met momentarily as ultimately these two are not a match. Characters too different to create a harmonious love relationship.

The Virgo Cancer relationship can work with some effort. Virgo is more ruled by logic and intellect and won’t be able to understand Cancers shifty moods. Virgo likes to discuss issues and will find cancers sulky vibes immature and hard to tolerate. Cancer wants to be regularly assured of undying love and Virgo is much less gooey. Both have a deep appreciation of home. finding sanctuary there. This could smooth out other rough edges. If Virgo can soften up a bit and if Cancer can learn to be more straightforward,this union can work out well. Add a little love and you are in luck.

The Libra Cancer relationship brings two very different worlds together. Cancer finds pleasure at home while Libra simply needs a social circle and outside engagements. Libra Loves to shop for pretty things, staying on top of fashion. Cancer will not understand such unnecessary extravagance. Security seeking moody Cancer needs contact and cuddles while Libra lives in the world of the intellect and likes to be considered rational rather than emotional. Libra is going to try to change Cancer and Cancer will dig those heels in and refuse. A totally complicated, short-lived relationship at best. Find your true Love elsewhere.

The Cancer Scorpio relationship could be all consuming and lifelong. These two water signs really get each other. Cancer find Scorpios jealous intensity comforting. Scorpio understand all the emotional realms Cancer travel through. Empathy is a boon for these two. There could be a shared paranoia of secrets, which is well founded as both play their cards close and both intuitively know when something is up. But mostly each naturally makes the other content. If these two are able to see themselves clearly long term comfort and love could come out of this loyal union. A shifty but harmonious relationship.

The Sagittarius Cancer relationship is not ideal. Cancers moody clingy side will stifle freedom loving Sadge. Cancer is security seeking and adores their home. Sadge is always up for the next big adventure and finds obligations difficult to bear. There is very little in common with these two. Cancer certainly has an allure to Sadge,its nice to be pampered. But it won’t be reciprocal and Cancer can’t have that. Cancer is careful with their pennies and Sadge throws caution to the wind. Imagine the arguments. Cancer will sidestep the issues and Sadge expects straightforward. Not a match.

The Capricorn Cancer relationship has potential for greatness. If balance between these opposites can be achieved. Capricorn and Cancer are both careful with money and resources, bargain hunters extraordinaire-they will love this about each other. Capricorn often puts work first,and Cancer can pout about this. Cancer can be too emotional for practical Capricorns tastes. And Cancer will complain about cold calculating Cap. Each is meant to learn to integrate the traits of the other. Capricorn needs to value emotion and home and Cancer needs to not let emotion be in control. This could work if based on true love.

The Cancer Aquarius relationship is not ideal by any means. Aquarius is cool and aloof by nature. Cancer is warm and deeply involved. Cancer adores home and family while Aquarius is disconnected at best from such things. Aquarius wants to get out there and save the world while Cancer is mostly trying to save some member of their extended family. Aquarius visionary rebel side makes no sense to security seeking Cancer. Conversation could be interesting, but Cancer will want commitment soon enough and Aquarius is never ready to say either way- both will try to change the other unsuccessfully.

The Cancer Pisces relationship could be a winner. Cancer is the stronger of the two, but both are ruled by the whimsy of their emotions. Both have the need to retreat within to sort through the confusion from time to time. And both appreciate the comforts of home and quiet time. Pisces lack of financial awareness could cause a problem for on top of things Cancer. And Pisces may resent Cancers rules about certain things. Neither approach anything directly which creates poor communication. If compromise can be achieved these two could end up happy in their world of shifting tides.

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