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Monday September 21- 27 2015 Summer is done. It’s time to harvest and transform. It’s time to get cozy and connect. Time to be content!   A full Moon Lunar Eclipse in initiator Aries pushes us to begin new paths.  The Sun moves to Libra reminding we need peace and each other. Really we do.  Deep digging Pluto heads forward again, after six months of diving in the dark. Now you know what to salvage for your next adventure.  Hunker down and make your plans.  The coast is clear.

On Wednesday the 23rd at 1:21 am PST The Equinox occurs as the Sun Leaves orderly Virgo for peace needing Libra.  As we enter harvest time we also become aware of our need to feel connected and part of a unit. For the next four weeks our concern for others will increase while the Sun shines its light through the sign of Libra. Libra is a sign that seeks harmony and beauty. Libra asks ” What do you think? And means it. Libra can be indecisive.

Know-it-all Saturn is in a nice supportive connection with the Sun helping us be really on top of things in confidence building way. For the wishy washy type this is going to feel good.  Like ” Knowing for sure” does.  Saturn is orderly and full of focus,certainty and purpose.  Stuff gets done- Saturn is not afraid of hard work and commitment. Remember, overnight success usually takes about ten years.

Thursday is a day of big shifts: Right before Pluto changes focus and heads direct in Capricorn. Mars, ruler of our energy and drive is heading into Virgo: Seven more weeks to clean out the far reaches of your environment. Mars in Virgo can get really detailed. Sudden zeal for cleaning out the closets and corners is powerful.  Use it to get rid of everything old and useless.

If you get confused  about what to let go of here is a great little visualization for clarity: Imagine you are speeding up your vibration to raise yourself up to occupy a better more evolved version of your life.  You can imagine your world spinning faster and faster around you. What people, situations, and things spin out and away from you as you raise up? Whatever sticks with you is meant to come along with you to a more loving evolved version of your life.  

Mental Mercury Squares Pluto the same day.  This should trigger some deep thoughts and new understandings about how you got yourself where you are.  New insights can be cathartic. Pluto can bring up the dark and painful stories that hold you back.  Have a look and then speed up your vibration and spin that old story up out and away.

On Sunday at 7:50 pm PST The Moon will be full in Aries with a Lunar Eclipse. With the moon in  Aries we can assert ourselves with confidence.  For the Aries of the world this is usually a default setting: self- assertion. But not all of us are so lucky or confident.  If we didn’t get the encouragement or support we needed as little ones we can shut the need to be who we are right down.  This Aries full moon can get you in touch with who you need to be to honor who you are.  And you can do it with stubborn certainty. What could be better?

On the Eclipse and the Full Moon do something to acknowledge how far you have come this summer.  Set intentions for what you would like to create for your life during this Autumn season. Capture your thoughts in writing or art. Or any other of the many ways technology affords us in this dazzling time of creativity we reside in.  This busy week will mark many major changes for all of us.  Beam those positive thoughts of love and gratitude out to the Universe. Welcome all good things into your precious little part of world. Be unabashedly you for best results.

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