Hillory Skott

April 12th, 2016
Aries New Moon 2016


April 4- 10. 2016- Get ready to formulate. This weeks Aries new moon is potent with potential. This first new moon of the astrological new year will show you results by mid October. What are you going to create now?  What can you get behind with all your Heart and Soul? What will take a great deal of courage and commitment? Figure out how you are going to do it. Start now.

Venus planet of love and other valuables is moving into courageous move maker Aries. Breathe in some of this energy. It gives you access to self-interest and spontaneity. It helps you make a move in the best direction for you. You are number one.

Some people are prone to always be considering others. This is lovely and kind and all that, but sometimes, in order to carry on in your journey you need to cut some things loose.  Our energy is precious.

To stay on the path to your full potential focus squarely on what you are calling into reality: Do all the pieces fit together or do you need to rearrange your reality a little? Or even a lot.  From Now to April 29th, while Venus is in Aries, you can make some bold and liberating moves in your life.  Fun!

The Universe is helping us make this fiery energy real with Mercury planet of thinking, communication, gathering facts and perceiving information is in sensuous, stubborn Taurus. This will help us with testing the actual viability of our plans in new directions. Will this new endeavour add value and pleasure to your life so you can add joy and pleasure to the lives of others? Life is short choose Lightness and Love.

The New Moon is exact at 4:24 am PST April 7, 2016. This is  a dozy of a launching point. The opposite of this new moon is in October in Libra.  This is when you will really see the results of what you initiate now.

Pluto in steady Capricorn is squaring off with this new moon in firecracker Aries. Its perfect energy for detangling your self from old story lines.  Imagine if you could just change the story?  You can now. Always could.

Uranus is fusing with the rebel new moon.  Creating a direct line for your inner-genius to breakthrough to you.   The urge for total and complete freedom is powerful.  Which may be just what you need to quit the job, relationship, habit that is dragging you down and sucking your life force. Cut that shit loose. And oh how easy it is to do this now.  Plant those seeds of intention and watch them explode into growth.

The Pluto energy is keeping you grounded and focused on healing the glitches in your foundational software.  Things may seem revolutionary in your life right now but there is a solid foundation being laid with each secure step you take in new directions.

Saturn  trine the Moon allows you to see the honest potential of this new future.  This is the energy that helps the artist breakthrough. It teaches the art of focus and discipline. Self-chosen activities that add value to your life,like healthy eating and pilates, are worth the long term effort. You gotta put the effort in. You have to show up.  You have to keep on showing up through every ache of self doubt.  Though every moment of “who am I to do this”  you gotta show up.  Saturn shows the way. “ All know the way, few actually walk it”.

By Saturday Uranus will fuse with the Sun.  There could be  technological magic happening the likes of which we have yet to see. Can you imagine? More advances?  Life is so alive in these times we chose to live in.

Tap into your inner gifts, open up that beautiful mind of yours and say, “Wow” and “yes”, and “let me try that” and “this is me and my awesome crazy way of living my perfectly unique life”. We are here for experience. You are here to show the world how You be You. And so that is what to do. You be You!


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