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February 8th, 2015

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Aquarius in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Aquarius is an air sign ruled by rebel planet Uranus. Aquarius are forward thinking folks who dwell in the land of genius schemes. They are curious and friendly, and love to socialize and gather in groups. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac and naturally think of the greater good of the whole. Aquarius fights for freedom for themselves and the entire planet. Thomas Edison was an Aquarius. His inventions benefited the human race as a whole. Many an Aquarius has brilliant ideas that can change the way life functions on planet earth. Aquarius is the ruler of technology and the internet and even astrology. Game changing information comes to these electric Souls, they never take their ideas lightly and handle life with top-notch integrity.


Aquarius loves humanity but is not so fond of people. They are curious and interested in others, but in a chit chatty kind of way. Feelings are not natural to them. They think rather than feel. This can make it impossible to empathize with others. They are not gifted with emotional intelligence. A walking paradox who is deeply concerned about the people, but uncomfortable with the person. Aquarius comes across as cold and insensitive to those more touchy feely. They deeply resent any sort of limitations placed on them, and would rather be jobless than controlled by mind numbing routine. This air sign is tricky to pin down to anything, there is always a back door open, one foot in and the other out. They need the space to dwell in the fast moving world of brilliant ideas and genius inventions.


Aquarius is not very comfortable in anything that must be defined. Emotional displays are not understood, nor very well tolerated. Rules of any kind and needy people are strictly avoided. They are happy to partner up, but not usually in any traditional sense. This is the type that is all for same sex marriage, but happy themselves, to be in a long-term relationship without including the bonds of marriage, which is more like bondage to an Aquarius. They love to communicate ideas and concepts finding solutions to big picture issues. They are happiest with someone of like mind who has many interests and an active social schedule. A partner that is present, but not controlling. Aquarius is totally capable of long-term commitment and loving companionship as long as they don’t have to sign anything.


These genius rebels have everything in common. Both need to save humanity, and circulate socially. Both have an innate distrust of authority and hate being tied down to commitments. There will be much inventive conversation between these two. It may not be a romantic relationship as neither could be bothered with such fluff. Friendship with an occasional moment or two, of what could be called love, are in the cards. They will be loyal to each other, relieved to finally find someone of like mind.

Aquarius Compatability

The Aries Aquarius relationship misses the mark. Aquarius is intrigued by weirdos and eccentrics. Aries prefers more sophisticated types. Aquarius is always trying to change the world and find their place in it. Aries rarely has such humanitarian goals. Aries is passionate and Aquarius off to the side, observing, formulating ideals, seeing futures. Aries is super busy in the moment, no time for the future. These two have entirely different value systems which makes it difficult to respect each other in the long run. Aquarius needs a good friend most of all and this will frustrate fiery Aries. Love lies elsewhere.

The Taurus Aquarius relationship is not much fun for anyone. Aquarius thumbs its nose at convention, and rebels against authority. Taurus likes the rules and the sense of security they imply. Aquarius has a curious social life, preferring the interesting fringe of society and Taurus is happier when left alone. It’s unlikely that these two will even be attracted to each other. Taurus needs stable and Aquarius attracts sudden change. Taurus will be made crazy and Aquarius won’t get why. These two signs are here for very different reasons. Taurus to maintain and Aquarius to change the status quo.

The Gemini Aquarius relationship can be a harmonious one. Both are curious and driven by thoughts. Both are friendly and actively engage in outside interests. It may not be a passionate union, emotions not being the domain of either sign. Aquarius may be a bit too stubborn at times, and Gemini not complex enough for Aquarius. In general these two have similar values and can make a harmonious couple. Friendship is a sure thing, but true love would need to be present for these two airy non-committers to make a go of really real relationship. No sparks, but good chemistry.

The Cancer Aquarius relationship is not ideal by any means. Aquarius is cool and aloof by nature. Cancer is warm and deeply involved. Cancer adores home and family while Aquarius is disconnected at best from such things. Aquarius wants to get out there and save the world while Cancer is mostly trying to save some member of their extended family. Aquarius visionary rebel side makes no sense to security seeking Cancer. Conversation could be interesting, but Cancer will want commitment soon enough and Aquarius is never ready to say either way- both will try to change the other unsuccessfully.

The Aquarius Leo relationship is one of opposites. They do share fixed ideas about things and a huge ego. This can cause trouble. Leo is concerned with flash and getting ahead in life. Aquarius cares not for material items and is trying to save humanity. Leo thinks this unrealistic and Aquarius thinks Leo superficial. Each does have important lessons to learn about balance in this relationship. Aquarius just won’t be able to give Leo the warmth and attention necessary to be happy. A friendship is more likely, happy even. A romance, a battle until the sad end.

The Virgo Aquarius relationship is only interesting for the first few months. Soon enough Aquarius will be off socializing, when Virgo would rather stay home. Virgo is careful with money, not likely to get in trouble financially. Aquarius find the whole money subject a bore and would rather think up genius inventions to save humanity. On one level Virgo admires the plan to save the world, but feels it’s smarter to improve upon the self first. Virgo needs some attention to feel loved and appreciated Aquarius prefers to be less attached. This will be a difficult union, unlikely to last.

The Libra Aquarius relationship works on many levels. They probably met at an interesting social function and instantly found similar interests. Its tricky to get any time alone together, both signs are drawn to activity and unusual people. Luckily there will be much leeway for both to go in opposite directions. Problems can arise when Aquarius acts indifferent to Libras sensitivities. Libra is hurt and Aquarius won’t understand. Libra cares very much what others think and reacts accordingly-Aquarius believes what other people think is their business. If there can be an understanding of different perspectives this could be a great relationship.

The Aquarius Scorpio relationship is unlikely to work, even friendship would be unlikely due to such totally different characters. Aquarius is detached and unfamiliar with emotional realms. Scorpio is driven by feelings and hunches. Unfamiliar with detached observation. Aquarius loves to mingle and is friendly and open. Scorpio is naturally distrustful, suspicious of everyone. These two will drive each other crazy in no time flat. Scorpio will soon see that Aquarius is that interested in everyone, not just them, and Aquarius will feel the Scorpio stranglehold and run faster than the speed of lightning. True love is not in sight.

The Sagittarius Aquarius relationship starts off with tons of promise. Both are freedom loving big thinkers. Both love to socialize and be out and about. Philosophically there is much to discuss. Underdogs are lucky to be under the wing of these two. Aquarius is a tad too detached to make Sadge feel loved. And Sadges fiery expressive temper will seem ridiculous to Aquarius who never has feelings flare up. Neither are great with planning for the future financially and this may create unhealthy debt. Intellectually these two work, perhaps a good friendship is in the cards. Look for love elsewhere.

The Capricorn Aquarius relationship has great potential. Each respects the other’s intelligence and observations. Aquarius might be just what Capricorn needs to break up the monotony of life. And Capricorn helps keep Aquarius up-to -date on the bills. Capricorn recognizes Aquarius genius streak, and Aquarius appreciates Capricorns business sense. They could work well as business partners and romantically. Issues may arise because of Capricorns depressive dark side and Aquarius’ constant need to socialize. Capricorn can usually understand the Aquarian need for freedom. Mutual respect goes a long way in this relationship. With a little love, toleration of differences is possible.

The Aquarius Aquarius relationship may be soulmate material. These genius rebels have everything in common. Both need to save humanity, and circulate socially. Both have an innate distrust of authority and and hate being tied down to commitments. There will be much inventive conversation between these two. It won’t be a romantic relationship as neither could be bothered with such fluff. Friends with an occasional moment or two of what could be called love is in the cards for these two, These two will be loyal to each other, relieved to finally find someone who see life like they do.

The Aquarius Pisces relationship is highly unlikely. Though they are both concerned for the greater good of humanity they have different ways of acting on this concern. Pisces will feed the homeless and pass out handouts to drug addicts. Aquarius envisions programs to create jobs for the homeless and the junkies. Pisces is emotionally led and Aquarius is ruled by the mind. Pisces needs a stable connected partner and Aquarius needs someone self-sufficient and rational. The differences between these two are big and the odds of this working very slim. A possible friendship but confusing in any other form.

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