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This week in Astrology
August 15-21, 2016- Get ready for change. Nothing can stop the innovation that is about to unleash in all our lives. Hop on up to the new jet stream. It will carry you effortlessly if you just roll with it.  Smooth.  Resistance is futile. Breathe in the fresh new world you are creating- breathe out the old stories, the stagnant, the dusty. With Thursdays full moon in Aquarius  Now you can find your people, a tribe of like mind. Uranus is the rebellious ruler of this full moon.  Use technology and all that is new and fan-dangled to tap into the potent possibilities now. Focus on the future. Begin with the end in mind.
Tuesday- Uranus is forming a smooth flowing connection to the sizzling Leo sun. The heat in the air is matched with the planetary energy.  You are gonna be super fine with being completely brazen.  If you have to initiate something, do it. There is crackling energy supporting us to bust out of the old way. To take the steps. To be authentic and real. Which for you might be super dramatic. Let out the real you.  Use that amazing technological tools we have available to us now.  If you ever question whether magic is real- try Skype, we are living in a magical time. What you focus on grows. Use your focus pocus this week.   This Full Moon in Aquarius knows how to fly. It gets the import of freedom.
Wednesday Deep diving Pluto will connect most harmoniously with sweet Venus.  This is serious committed type energy. It may relate also to gaining more of whatever it is you do value. If you are wanting to bring something special to the next level this could be your moment. With the earthy energy of Capricorn and Virgo you can tap into a very stable longterm situation.  One that will make you feel nurtured and secure if you are of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Water( Cancer,Scorpio, Pisces) variety of people. Take things to the next level.
Get clear about your Values so you can cast your wishes to the wind on the Aquarius Full moon of Thursday. This is a powerful energy for change, to release with ease what is no longer relevant to the future you wish to choose. Our intention, back up by action,sets in motion our magic. And magic we have, in spades. Aquarius is a futuristic humanitarian energy, concerned with community, with the collective. Find your tribe now. Reach out into the world. It is true that there is strength in numbers. If you are a hermit like me use this brave new energy to step out of your hermitty comfort zone and connect.  We all need to feel connected. Now you can find the right place to do it- the right people are waiting.
We are right around the corner from another Mercury retrograde. Watch for communication mishaps.  We are already in the slow down turn around phase of mercury retrograde. On the 29th it will start back tracking.  Get you affairs in order. Back things up. Recheck important steps.  Watch to see who comes back into your life.
for this week: Use your Focus Pocus and make your world change. Many Blessings.
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