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July 27-August 2nd, 2015 The Moon will be full in ingenious  Aquarius, Natural humanitarian of the Zodiac. What you started in January and february are showing results. Cast a wide net and connect. Join a movement. Better Yet, start one. ” The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”Steve Jobs

Venus began her retrograde on July 25th. It will be in detail conscious Virgo until it dips back into Leo on August 2nd. Venus retrograde gives us a slow motion review of what we value. Peace and beauty are so pleasing.  With Venus in Virgo efforts to improve your health are supported and successful. Remember consistent effort over the long haul is how anyone or anything ever gets anywhere. Make the effort to make changes in your health routine for best use of Venus in Virgo natural healer extraordinaire. That precious body of yours is worth some top-notch loving attention.

Saturn ends its four month retrograde on August 1st, 2015. It will be trekking forward through the last intense bit of Scorpio until September.  Now it knows where it’s going- This back track helped us finish things up. Stoic Saturn has been in Scorpio since 2012 helping us all get rid of emotional poison and leaks in our energy field. Any vampiresque relationships or situations must be done away with.

Scorpio is incredibly brave and willing to look at the repressed feelings and hidden wounds.  All these parts of ourselves need to heal is acknowledgement. A trusted friend is all you really need to be heard. We are each our own expert therapist. Saturn in Scorpio is willing to do what it takes to cleanse the Soul. We are almost done with this most difficult release. Saturn will enter Sagittarius on September 18th. Not to return to Scorpio until 2041. It was last in Scorpio from August 1993- November 1985. What were you going through then? The emotions will be similar.

Good news about this wonderful Full Moon in Rebel change-maker Aquarius on July 31st, 2015 at 3:43 am PST. This is the follow up to the two New Moons in Aquarius from early this year. Are you seeing the rewards of your planted seeds.  Efforts made now to join forces with others are supported. Aquarius is aware of the whole, naturally concerned with the greater good of all. Subjective is less important than objective right now.

With stable Saturn, fiery Mars and quick thinking Mercury tied into this Full moon you will definitely have a chance to make plans and connect with people in a way that is positive growth enhancing.  Focus on how you can help. Think outside  the box . Even little things you do for your community will make a big difference. Your contribution is needed and you will feel so fulfilled by making the effort get involved.

This Aquarius new moon you might find yourself suddenly expressing that wayward part of yourself that you try to hide.  Uranus is the ruler of this Full moon and Uranus likes change- the more sudden and shocking the better. So watch your tongue, but also don’t. Often what comes out is exactly what needs to. This next few weeks offer opportunity to reach out into the world in new ways. State your goals- call in the Angels and make your moves. Be Brave! Jump up to the next level in your evolution. “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.”Geena Davis

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