Hillory Skott

November 6th, 2016
A prosperous turn


October 31- November 6, 2016 This week is a breath of fresh air compared to last week.   You can feel the good stuff on it’s way.  Neptune will trine the Sun Tuesday creating a magical mix of ingredients helping dreams swirl into the realm of the real.  Though it’s easy to tune into the dark and dreary and sad and sick.  If we choose to change the station we are tuned to  we can find the frequency of Joy, Love, Abundance and so much Light.  Its a choice, what we focus on will grow.  This week is bringing with it the grace and deep down knowing.  Also, Luck- What you need dropped right in your lap.

Neptune connects us to unseen realms. We are not alone and sometimes, when the stars align, like Neptune and the Sun for instance, things will happen that can’t be explained in a logical way. We miss the flight and the plane crashes. We lose an earring and where it is pops into our head.  We are broken hearted and grieving and suddenly we understand why it all went down the way it did. Being graced with new perspectives.

There are guides and loving comrades all around us. Our team is cheering us on, always cheering. On Tuesday you will get a clear knowing this is true.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all have gifts to give. Sweet and lovely.  You may meet someone in unusual circumstances. A stroke of luck.  What you need dropped down into your world. Just in the nick of time.  The story takes a most prosperous turn. Make sure you are participating as much as possible. If you show up now you won’t regret it.

Uranus is in harmonious aspect with Venus making it likely you will have a sudden increase in what you truly value. If you are on the market for some like minded companions raise your hand.  We are all finding each other at a much faster rate than the olden days of isolation. We can all rise up together and share what we know. No more secrets in this world. As it should be.

You can feel the power building now. You know for a fact you know what you know. Build on that.   Show them how it’s done.  Do it with Love and Grace. Do it with calm and knowing. May each step you takein new directions be sprinkled with blessings of every kind.

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