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April 13-19, 2015 curious Mercury stops to smell the roses in sensuous slow moving Taurus. Our minds will steady. Pleasure in the simple little luxuries should be indulged in. Pluto is taking a break from the relentless pursuit of growth and evolution. You can breath for a minute and digest all this recent change. This is the last week of the Sun in go-getter Aries. Next week the Sun treks through Tuarus- such different energy, things can be simple. Imagine that.

With Mercury leaving Aries for Taurus you can expect a much more gentle energy. Gentle and stubborn. Aries is stubborn but so is Taurus, just in a less combative way. There is no changing a Taurus. If change (gasp) does happen to happen you can bet it was arrived at with no outside influences. Taurus energy is not here to forge new paths or go on any spiritual odysseys.

Taurus is grounded and methodical. Here to do it the way it has always been done. If you need to do some careful work that takes focused energy now is the time. Your mind will find pleasure in sensuous experience. Ware fine fabrics, purchase something beautiful to pass on to the grand kids. The tried and true is a comfort now. Be sure to eat nourishing food with fabulous flavors. Soak in hot baths with essential oils that help you connect to the earth: Patchouli, Jasmin, Ceder wood, cypress, grapefruit or lime. The essential oils all come from the earth so it’s up to you to find the scent the works best for you. Clary Sage is particularly relaxing and uplifting.

Wednesday PST Saturn and Venus are opposed. The unloved part of you might surface this day. And boy does it suck to feel unlovable. Remember it’s an illusion. We are all here to learn to Love ourselves. This unlovable illusion is only here to help us evolve beyond such loveless energy. We can choose Love. And we must.

Find situations that feed your heart and Soul. Be careful that you do not withdraw your love inappropriately to avoid being vulnerable. Love might come knocking and you really have to answer the door when it does. Moreover you need to invite it in, feed it soup, run it a bath, Love needs nurturing. Start with You. Nurture those sad feelings as they arise and you will see them pass. See? it was all an illusion. It is all an illusion.

Pluto is back tracking now for a few months. This gives us all a chance to work through what we have been tasked to understand lately. Pluto pushes us from within to keep growing. It’s a relentless, digging energy, urging us to fulfill our Souls Potential. People with a lot of Pluto contacts in thier chart are always in a state of transformation. Always seeking to move through it. To learn and grow and heal deep down difficult issues, often stemming from past lives.

Pluto in the birth chart allows Astrologers a glimpse into each Souls plan for this lifetime. Past lives can be gleaned and connected with by the aspects and angles Pluto makes in your chart. Fascinating stuff. Be sure to pay close attention and learn what life is teaching. Keep in mind the greater good of all. And often, oddly, what is best for others is what is best for you. Be sure to make yourself a priority while keeping in mind the greater good.

Friday Mars and Jupiter square off. This could be big. Jupiter knows a thing or two about a thing or two and Mars can’t be stopped from getting where he is going. So you could end up being super rude. Or, better yet, you could be super honest. The difference between rude and honest is often blurry. Tread gently and remember that the truth will set you free. Big time liberation is possible now.

Next week has a whole new story when the sun moves into Taurus. Keep a journal. You can learn so much from yourself, your patterns, your reactions, your opinions. Discovering who you really are is what you are here to do. How else will you ever be happy? Observe and learn. But most of all Love.

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