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turningpointgrNovember 17-23 2014, master of illusions Neptune is heading forward after months in reverse, a certain clarity about unclear things will occur now. And sweet Venus, ruler of what we value, just left the deep dark depths of Scorpio for upbeat philosopher Sagittarius. The New Moon on Saturday is also in Sagittarius-The truth is itching to be known, moreover, it must be spoken. Keep in mind the truth is subjective. There are as many truths as there are people on earth.

 There is opportunity to make some serious real world progress this week. The Sun in serious Scorpio is sharp and certain as it crosses over stately Saturn. I used to fear Saturn. Most especially during my Saturn Return. It stirred all my pushed away feelings of fear and worthlessness. But Saturn keeps us real and grounded and capable. If you harness the power it offers for order and discipline you can be the king of the world.

This week will offer a chance to get your ducks in a row and move forward, carefully, with great purpose.  If you find yourself feeling sad and alone, the less productive side of Saturn, sit with it. Breathe into the feeling and then exhale it out of your system.  We need to release things now. Once and for all, let it go. Now you know what you won’t put up with. You don’t need to settle for crumbs. You may have been raised on crumbs, but you don’t have to keep choosing people and situations that only have crumbs to offer. Balance comes from giving and receiving in equal measure- make sure this is true in your relationships. Unplugging from unhealthy situations will result in a rapid shift in reality. Simple and quick  Yet profound and never to be the same again. Hip hip hooray! Rip off that band-aid.

Neptune will be squaring Venus on Thursday. It’s a deep and mysterious day.  Things are not clear, or perhaps things that were never clear become more clear than you are ready for. With Neptune there is illusion and possibly deception. Are you fooling yourself about the nature of a relationship in your life? Are you fooling someone else?  Forthright Venus in Sagittarius cringes at the wishy washy shimmery story Neptune is offering up. But, this too shall pass within 38 hours. Don’t make any commitments- a drunken Vegas wedding will be regretted. Stay away from anything mood altering to sail smoothly through this confusing mix of energy.

 The adventurous Sagittarius New Moon is on Saturday the 22nd,2014, at4:32 am PST. Venus is snuggled into this configuration offering effortless authenticity. This is what we all long for-Just to be our unarranged selves. Then you can properly align with like minded companions. There is a sense of expansion and knowing settling over your life. Use the time to connect with nature and be open to adventure.

 There is risk of saying things you wish you hadn’t.  Remember not everyone is worth your honesty. Be discerning with your truth. If you have an idea to promote, now is the time. Offer them up. But keep the “I told you so” tone out of your voice- no one responds well to that.

New Moons are wonderful for seeding new directions. What would you like to see manifest in two weeks?  Stretch yourself, Jupiter is infusing us all with a desire to expand our horizons. Where could you go? What could you see? What do you know that the rest of the world needs to know too?  Get it out there. Get out there.  Write down your intentions on Saturday, be sure to include: adventure, health, wealth and all the answers to every question you ever had. Think Big! Bigger!  We are only limited by our own imaginations. This Jupiter ruled new moon should lift the lid on any limitations you’ve been stuck under.  Things are getting lighter now.  Like a great big breath of fresh clean air- Enjoy!

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