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May 2-8, 2016 We start this New Moon Week with five planets in retrograde.  Forward motion is happening in unexpectedly helpful ways.  Mine the would haves and should haves: what didn’t you do that you could have? Now you can with an amazing new perspective.

Tuesday there is a trine between the sun in earthy Taurus and Jupiter in also earthy Virgo. This trine is grand.  Harmony and luck abound. Perhaps something practical and beautiful will land in your lap.  Trines bring opportunity. Be selectively lazy but don’t miss the call when it comes.

Open your heart to the simple little luxuries in your everyday world. You can be grounded now.  Plant yourself firmly on this beautiful planet. If you stand next to a lilac bush and breathe deeply for five minutes you will come away transformed, refreshed, and incredibly grateful for the earth you stand on, for sustenance, for order, and for the beauty. So simple. Ahhh. Try it.

The new moon in Taurus is a fertile time.  And Myrtle you are fertile too- so be careful with whatever shenanigans you are getting up to. Unless of course you are in the market to bring forth new life. Then throw caution to the wind.  If you have some seeds to plant- both literally and figuratively, Friday’s new moon is the time.

Set your intentions. Write them down.  Feng shui your life to prepare space for the new you want to call forth.  Think big. Why think small? Challenge yourself to ask for more than you can imagine. Then, spend some time imagining more than you can imagine and watch your reality start to expand in all directions- like spring, you too can spring.

Remember, there are all kinds of ways to create in this world, not just making babies.  With all this retrograde energy there is a gift back there that we need to understand. We need to understand that now we understand. Lessons truly learned leave lots of room for new, better, more expansive, loving experiences to bloom into your reality:Tulip emoji

Mother’s day is tricky. Like so tricky I might skip it altogether. Nurturing Moon square withholding Saturn might just stir up some Mum issues.  Instead of feeling celebratory you might feel hurt and resentful- aware of all the needs not met.  Give yourself a hug and mourn the loss of the mother you wanted but never had. Don’t take your rough luck personally. Now you can move on. Stay in your heart.  Always and forever, stay in your heart.


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