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  • Nov 10, 2014
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frequencygrNovember 10-16 2014 This is a week of intense energetic combinations. Mars is firing up rebel change maker Uranus, and pull it from the roots Pluto.  There is nothing that can stop you now. There is lovely Angelic guidance too, while Neptune fuses your thoughts with all the reasons why, fortifying your will. No indecision around here.  Go forth, prosper, and try not to be a bossy, selfish dictator while you go about it. Or someone might explode, especially if they have been holding something in. “It’s nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.”

The week starts with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, which Mars is passing over in Capricorn.  Things are really real. Can you feel that?  Scorpio is intense, it can not sit there all nicey nice when there are issues to get to the root of.  Scorpio understand the power of facing what can’t be faced. Once you turn towards what you fear your fear falls away.  Sure you can cut the tops off the weeds that mar your life.  But if you don’t get down and dig out the roots they just keep growing back, those pesky weeds/problems.

Neptune Trine Mercury is our silver lining, almost anything can be tolerated once it is understood. So whatever sticky situation you feel you are in, Answers can arrive this week. To questions you did not even know you should be asking.  Grace and guidance are available through any rough waters you might be sailing.  Inspiration and insight is floating through the Universe, breathe it in, tune your focus to the finer frequencies. Fabulous futures can be seeded now. Visualize exactly what you choose life to be. So be it!
Wednesday PST is kind of a tough one. Or you might be able to be the tough one.  Life can test us, making sure we are capable and conscious of our choices and direction. Stern Saturn is fused with value conscious Venus. Both are in Scorpio.  Your relationships may be requiring some serious effort now.  It’s best to be available as there will be a time when you need someone to be available for you.

The same day warrior Mars in Capricorn is Squaring Uranus. You may feel hot-tempered and restless.  A part of you wants to play fair and be practical, but another part is flipping the bird in the rear view mirror.  Navigate carefully. You may not want to burn any bridges, which you are at risk doing now.

You can get a ton of important work done with this energy. Find a direction, preferably a productive one, to channel this serious energy into.  Even better if you can find a way to launch yourself in a new direction- The ground work you lay now will be uniquely you and well thought out.

Jupiter is squaring the sun now forcing an expansion. Infusing situations with luck and ease.  Even though part of you might not want lucky new situations: The hell you know seems better than what you don’t know. Trust me that is not true.  If you follow your heart, it will lead you to more joyous, life affirming situations.It is only fear we need to fear. Freedom is worth the effort. Jupiter is pushing for it now.

Neptune is going direct this weekend. You may have collected some insight and dissolved a few issues that will allow you to go forth with more clarity.  When you know what you want you can draw it into reality with your powerful imagination.

And, Venus moves to fun-loving philosophical Sagittarius on Sunday. More on both these shifts in next week’s forecast. Enjoy your careful progress this week.  Ride the waves in faith, and again, ” It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Blessings of Light all around everywhere.


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