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fantasy_moon_by_center68October 6-12, 2014-  This week we have a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse in courageous Aries.  An Eclipse has the power to propel the effects of the full moon up to six months in the Future.  This one is offering us a chance to see what our individual needs are and what our relationships need.  Balance is needed now. This full moon is potent and pushy.  We absolutely must participate in this thing called life- its what keeps us living. This full moon will make sure what we understand what needs rearranging.

The issues that are up for consideration now relate to our relationship with our relationships.  Aries and Libra are opposites and the bright other oriented Libra sun is shining on this potent self centered Aries Full Moon.  There is a grand and fiery trine between go-getter Mars, generous Jupiter and shocking Uranus. Luckily trines are supportive in nature.  Blessing us with what we have previously earned. It is imperative now that we meet our need to follow our own path, we absolutely must lead the way somehow.  At the same time, we also must consider our relationships. Balance between me and you is what we are learning to find now.

A sudden awareness of unfulfilled parts of you can surface with the coming of this eclipse.  Pushy deep digging pluto wants to purge what has been hidden. The Capricorn Pluto is squaring this Libra Venus. One part or you may want things pleasant and non-confrontational.  This part wants to eat chocolate and re-decorate your favorite room with your fabulously supportive and kind partner in crime.  The other part is like -” why are you avoiding the real work?” your true needs are being addressed whether you like it or not.  We each have different work to do- your loving guidance will keep you on track. Be present for whatever surfaces.

There is certainly an underlying intensity to this Aries Full moon Lunar Eclipse, we will all feel it.  But by the end of the week the life giving sun will join lucky Jupiter in a wonderful sextile that should show you the effort you have been putting in is really paying off. Lucky ideas or solutions can appear now making all this difficult pushy energy make sense.

Mercury will be retrograde until the seventeenth and will slide back into kind Libra at the end of the week too. This will give you a s surge of concern for the others in your life.  Hopefully counteracting any selfishness you may have been dealing this week. In the very least, it will help you to review things from someone elses perspective, which Libra is great at.  Aries, on the other hand, is not naturally aware of what the other may need or feel.  It is their urge to lead the way- the way they want to go, whether you want to go that way or not, that can cause trouble for them.  At least when it relates to relationships. Not many people want to be pushed around like that. And the ones that do, the meek and indecisive, Aries just can’t respect.  So compromise must be learned unless we want to lead the way alone.

Keep grounded, put your actual feet on the earth. Avoiding rushing and being rude. Kindness pays big dividends so harness your powers for good- even if you feel the urge to yell and scream. Breath deep and ask yourself if you are being fair or just selfish. This week will bring changes and more balance. Enjoy any rock tumbling moments- they are here to polish you up. Blessed Be!

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