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c84b2060fde32a26cb28d4353acc7f31July 14-20 2014 Generous Jupiter shifts into ts into sunshiny Leo and sweet Venus is moving into lovey-dovey Cancer.  You will feel your focus shift and your courage rise. Meeting your own needs becomes just as important as meeting the needs of those you love.The week starts with a heavy Neptunian influence.  Neptune is great for meditating, dancing, painting, decorating, lying in the grass and staring at clouds. It is not however, the greatest at decisive action, or focused willpower.  It’s a wishy washy escapist kind of energy if you don’t harness the creative spiritual power offered. Your powers of visualization are enhanced- envision ideal situations: your perfect work, and most cozy home, a loving family and fantastic finances.

Our ability to flourish is enhanced, when Jupiter moves from Cancer to Leo. Leo is fun. The energy of Jupiter in Leo allows us to put ourselves out there. Find a spotlight and stand in it.  Shine your bright light out to the world.  There will be much support for you the next year, while Jupiter moves through Leo. Bright warm encouraging support. You may discover an interest in theater or performing. Even teachers are performers.  There are many ways to put your talents on display. It should be fun. You know how little kids are all  : “Look at me!  Look at me!”? and, they do it without the slightest bit of embarrassment. That’s what the energy helps us all yell now. Look at me!  and we all deserves some time in the spotlight with people gathered around clapping and encouraging us to be who we are. Now’s your chance-make your move.  Jupiter can make dreams come true. Think big, you can’t get what you don’t ask for.

Venus makes its move from Gemini to Cancer.  This is loving supportive energy that can help ups all feel more secure. We are concerned with our home, family or those who feel like family, take precedence now.  If the energy is not being channelled positively you may find yourself feeling jealous and possessive. Being clingy is always a bad idea, even clingy people don’t like people clinging to them.  Somewhere inside we need to muster the courage to know we can do it alone.

The most important passages in life are done alone, birth and death being the most obvious. Aim for inter-dependance.  Loving relationships support our ability to flourish in the outside world.  You take out the recycling and I’ll cut the veggies. Quid pro quo. Life is nicer when you have another to share responsibilities with.  Key word being share. So watch for dysfunction with Venus in Cancer and focus on loving balanced relationships.

Saturday the nineteenth the Sun is going to be squaring off with mars.  Fire is a key theme here.  Mars is fiery and the sun, well, it’s actual fire.  So things could get hot.  Be careful in the sun and protect yourself from the questionable ingredients of sunscreen too. Be cautious with campfires.  Also, watch your temper, you might lose your cool in a regrettable way.  We feel selfish and impatient and are prone to rudeness.  If you have something important to channel all this energy toward do it.  You might be able to paint the entire house in one weekend or do some giant de-clutter you’ve been meaning to do for years. That is the best way to harness the energy plan a big task that takes lots of energy.

Stay focused on the goal while you are laying the foundation. Work using your imagination is the most important first steps in creating anything in your life. Stay grounded to stay healthy.  Loving yourself will line you up with your most fulfilling future.  Repeat often: I am Loved. I am Loving. I am Love.  And so it is.

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