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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

The year of the Sheep starts February 18-19th until February 7th, 2016. The sheep year offers an opportunity to get ahead by slowing down. A thousand mile journey begins with just one step kind of attitude will get you where you wish to be.

There has been some confusion over which is correct, the year of the goat or Sheep. The ancient Chinese character used to describe this years zodiac animal translates to: ” A ruminant mammal, generally with horns on its head- A goat, sheep, and gazelle” are all correct.

Each represent different characteristics for you to tap into this year of Ruminant. Sheep are peace loving animals that go along with the program because it’s generally easier and they are not interested in conflict. The Ram on the other hand,just loves loves loves to slam itself into things, into life in general. The Gazelle runs, fast and free.

All of these feelings might be true for you this year. You can cycle from needing to be free to follow your fortune, to wanting to forge meaningful connections with all the great people in your life. What you begin this year will have your patience and perseverance-A necessary element of all success in life.

Watch out for shady characters entering the picture. You could be feeling so trusting that you end up allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Not so if you stay on your toes.

The soul of the artist is sweetly supported this year. If you can cozy up in your nest and dream a little dream for the future you would be planting seeds in fertile ground. If you don’t go within you go without.

Connecting with loved ones, eating real food grown in the Earth will nurture us. Get grounded: garden and walk bare foot as much as possible. Smell the air, the flowers, the grass and the rain. Breathe in the Sun. All of this is energetic medicine. Our bodies are resilient when we supply them with what they need.

Give yourself the simple things: fresh air, healthy food and relationships and artistic self expression. When you are taken care of on fundamental levels you can free your energy up to create all that you dream for yourself. Tend to the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.

Much Luck, Love, Health and Success to You in 2015 and beyond.

PS. If you don’t plant the seeds nothing will grow.

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