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December 7-13, 2015 A New moon in Big thinking Sagittarius sets the tone for a magical week of lucky coincidences, brilliant flashes of insight and the discipline to help bringing it all down into reality. Don’t miss your moment.  Step out into new directions with your freshly dusted off plans. To use the abundant energy of this week with the utmost respect be kind and cautious. Be present so you don’t miss out on any presents.

Tuesday is the day the Sun and Uranus connect in fortunate trine.  Here we have opportunity.  It could come in the form of great inspiration that swiftly and fundamentally changes things in a lucky way,one of this Aha moments that seem to happen magically at exactly the right time.  Timing is everything. And, sometimes, when the stars align in just the right harmonious way- what you always wanted  falls right into your lap. Yay! Open up to receive all the good the universe has to offer. Are you open to receive?

Wednesday mental Mercury is moving from philosophical Sadge to get real Capricorn. Thank goodness. Though Capricorn can be really serious -it is also wise and capable of big responsibility. And if you have some big ideas to make real you need this serious disciplined energy to bring it all down to earth. Inner discipline is even more important than talent- now you can get your mind working in a most productive way.

There is a chance for melancholy whenever Saturn is involved and Saturn is Capricorns ruling planet.  So there is more chance to feel sad, burdened, lonely, fearful.  Saturns dark side is heavy with such low emotional states.  But the underlying theme is more action oriented this week, not much room for drippy old sad feelings.  Think in terms of what you need to get done to be where you want to be- Make lists. Check them twice. You can accomplish much now.

Thursday PST, the day before the new moon is a shifty day indeed.  There is an aspect between Mars and Uranus that actually represents explosions or explosive accidents.  So if you are angry and huffing around in a little cloud of fury you gotta get a hold of yourself.  Lock yourself down at home and Breathe deeply.

If you find anger an issue in a destructive way try the Bach’s flower remedy Holy.Take care to be kind to your liver too.  The liver is associated with anger and if you are dumping to many toxins in your body your liver will suffer.  Fire signs are more prone to sudden anger.  It’s great fuel when used correctly, but it can also be unpredictable and dangerous if not harnessed and directed.

Luckily the day shifts later, there is a dreamy mix between Neptune and Venus. Neptune always makes me think of our connection to other realms. Contacting Venus like this it makes me think of the relationship we have with our otherworldly helpers, guardian angels and even our ancestors.  Now we are somehow benefiting from that mysterious  association. Seek guidance and watch for miraculous feedback in the form of synchronicity, prophetic dreams or meaningful messages.

The New moon is exact on Friday December 11, 2015 PST.  This moon is shining through the truthful lens of Sagittarius.  At its best this energy is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge and most importantly truth. At worst it’s a non-committal, obnoxiously self-righteous know it all kind of energy.  One thing I love about Sagittarius is that they are truthful, there is no careful presentation of anything- They are genuine humans being themselves. Freedom, adventure, philosophy and the truth are driving forces. Bullshit will not be tolerated.

This new moon will get you in touch with what is true for you.  If you have a cause to stand up for get that soap box out and climb on up. The world needs whistleblowers so blow that whistle.  Truth is the priority. Growth is necessary. What areas of life need more truth from you? Are you happy? Are you living up to your own expectations?  Are you with the right people?  Look around now and tell yourself the truth and that beautiful truth, no matter how ugly it is, will set you free. Be free! Much Love all around.







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