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October 9- 15, 2018 connector Mercury moves into loyal Scorpio. It will oppose Uranus in super stubborn Taurus. Plenty of power struggle possibilities. Yikes. Venus in Scorpio is also in a tangle with macho Mars in detached Aquarius. All manner of miscommunication is possible. Maybe never talking again is the way to go. Maybe some things are worth fighting for. Maybe. Maybe not. The sun is in Libra.

The planets are not showing us much mercy. We are going to grow whether we like it or not. Dr. Edward Bach, rogue creator of the magical Bach’s flower remedies said, ” All chronic illness is the personalities resistance to the Souls Purpose in this life.”  So lets release the resistance in the name of health and longevity.

This is a transformative time for us, every 18-months for approximately 40 days, Venus’s retrograde will allow us to come to understand our values around all things feminine. Venus is no pushover in Scorpio. She is not afraid to face the dark truth. But truth must be faced.  It has a way of irritating us, like a prickle in your finger, the tiny kind that you can’t even see but you know is there because you keep feeling it every time you move.

If you are feeling the dull ache of repressed pain , open your arms wide to those terrible feelings inside.  Be there for you. A deep and honest relationship with your own true self will set the stage for all relationships to follow.

Mars and Venus are still in a complicated Square. We are all likely feeling some kind to pressure.  It’s painful to realize that the differences are too many. That harmony can not be found.

You may be sad, or you may be mad. You may have been caging a rage that needs release since you were wee little you. Letting those feelings out will allow you to access all your unlived potential.

“Until we work with it, our rage, pain, and grief exists beneath the surface of everything we do. Seething. Soaking into and poisoning our best intentions. Contorting our hearts into shapes too collapsed to house the love we so desire. Wrapping itself around our life-force, strangling our creativity, staving off what is rightfully ours.”

Your rage waits for you to call it by its name. Speak it. Translate it. Transcribe it. In giant font. In wailing screams. We are undoubtedly made more whole when we can hold space for our broken and still beautiful selves. “Chani Nicholas

Mercury moving to Scorpio helps with this process.  Scorpio is a seeker of truth. It is also a speaker of truth.  It has a special knack for detonating the stranglehold of generations of silence.  

Mercury and Uranus together are a recipe for the flood gates to open wide. Uranus loves change so  being in Taurus, who hates change,is a little tricky for Uranus. The unpredictable may in fact be rather predictable.

The Sun in Libra will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Libra and Capricorn like to be the boss but in very different kinds of ways.  Expect a sense of pressure at best and a total showdown at worst. Even the worst is likely for the best.

Stay present.  Rest a lot. Make your to do lists and get clear about your values and motivation. What you Value motivates you.  Your super sleuthing abilities are on fire right now. Find the root of your pain and pull it out. Toss it. You really don’t need it going forward.  Many Blessings for courage and strength. Much Love all around.


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